Investigating further collaboration with Solidarité Laïque

lis 18, 2021

Good governance

Meeting with representatives from Solidarité Laïque took place on October 5th, together with Antonella Valmorbida – ALDA Secretary General; Abdelaziz Bouslah – Project Manager from ALDA Tunisia. Auray Aun, Director of alliances and networks at Solidarité Laïque; Ilyes Gaidi, Director Solidarité Laïque Méditerranée and Sirine Khedher, Project Manager at Solidarité Laïque Méditerranée.

Already collaborating within “Municivile -Municivil” project aiming at encouraging and supporting the construction of effective local democracy in Tunisia, the aim of the meeting was to present the projects of the two organisations while considering avenues of further collaboration in Tunisia and in the region.

Avenues of further collaboration in Tunisia and in the region together with Solidarité Laïque

Welcomed in the office of the organisation in Tunis, this fruitful meeting was a good moment to reflect on how to build further initiatives as far as capacity building, decentralisation and encouragement of citizens’ participation in Tunisia concern. 

With great pleasure ALDA met representatives from Solidarité Laïque and it looks forward to further initiatives to implement together.
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