Cooperation for citizen participation and community development in Belarus


ALDA has been active in Belarus since 2004 and has implemented several projects together with its main partner in Belarus the Lev Sapieha Foundation. The TANDEM project is a follow up to the ACSOBE and REACT projects which focused on the strengthening of civil society organisations and local community groups and their cooperation with local authorities.


Citizen participation at the local level is still limited in Belarus and the TANDEM project seeks to increase the participation of citizens and their cooperation with local authorities. The project supports the development of local communities and civil society organisations and their cooperation with local authorities both through technical and financial support.


As part of TANDEM, community groups will participate in trainings and receive information on the role played by local authorities and the possibilities for citizens and civil society organisations to cooperate more actively with local authorities. Furthermore the project provides sub-grants to civic community initiatives. The grants are awarded to community groups that propose concrete activities to ensure sustainable development in cooperation with local authorities. Two of these initiatives are partnership projects and will involve cooperation with local authorities from other countries who will bring their knowledge and experience on cooperation with citizens into the project. More information about the initiatives that receive subgrants as part of the TANDEM project can be found below and on the interactive map above.
The TANDEM project raises the capacity of civic community groups to be more active actors in the field of development. At the same time the project also raises the awareness of local stakeholders’ understanding of each other and the benefits of cooperating for sustainable community development.


  1. GOMEL: The Future is in your hands
  2. Golshany Arc uniting people and cultures
  3. Vezhny Development of a mini sanctuary ”The Island” as a factor of sustainable development
  4. Rechitsa Together to solve the problems faced by disabled children and orphans in Rechitsa
  5. Smarhoń Developing social services and psychological care for cancer patients
  6. Braslaw Using the local capacities as the main resource to create innovative
  7. Minsk Cooperation of the local communities and the local governments in creating a bicycle infrastructure in the neighbourhood
  8. Sporovsky A green route between the three lakes
  9. Beloozersk Greenways for local development in the countryside