First Artistic Residence: Bravo Bravissimo

Mar 13, 2022


From 7th to 10th of March, the first artistic residence was organized by the Municipality of Lousada in Portugal as part of the Bravo Bravissimo project which aims to benefit young emerging artists and also improve local communities, with special emphasis on the active involvement of children and young people.

The public rehearsal was held at Lousada Public Library

On the 8th and 9th, the artists focused on the rehearsals, getting to know each other, while playing together for the first time. In addition, a masterclass on Composer Gioacchino Rossini, the musician inspiring the overall project,  was part of the program as well as other activities and meetings with all representatives of the partners. The residence was finalized by a Public Rehearsal held at Lousada Public Library.  

ALDA thanks the Municipality of Lousada for the great hospitality! 

The project leader is OCSM Pordenone (Italy), and the partners are Municipio de Lousada (Portugal), Cultural Center Nikola Djurkovic – Kotor (Montenegro), and  Theatre Topos Allou-Aeroplio – Athens (Greece).