780 applications for a WYDEr youth engagement in Africa

Set 15, 2023

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights Linked project:
WYDE Civic Engagement - Women and Youth in Democracy initiativE Civic Engagement

The WYDE Civic Engagement project (Women and Youth in Democracy initiative Civic Engagement) is generously funded by the European Union, with the primary aim of enhancing the emancipation, empowerment, and inclusion of young individuals at all levels of democratic participation: national, regional, and global. The project warmly welcomes participation from all African countries, with a particular focus on sub-Saharan Africa.

The First Phase of the call for proposals, spearheaded by ALDA and in collaboration with esteemed partners such as the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD)Elbarlament, and People In Need (PIN), commenced on April 3, 2023, and concluded on August 15, 2023. In this initial phase, we received a remarkable 780 applications from 38 different countries. After a preliminary assessment of administrative eligibility criteria, over 466 projects have been pre-selected and are presently undergoing thorough evaluation.The evaluation process adheres to a comprehensive criteria grid, which takes into account the proposal’s relevance concerning the objectives and priorities of the call, its alignment with the specific needs and constraints of the target country(ies) or region(s), the criteria for selecting final beneficiaries and target groups, the value-added elements of the proposal, as well as the coherence of proposed activities with respect to the budget and the proposed timeline, while also emphasising the integration of principles rooted in human rights.

The results of this initial evaluation are scheduled for publication during the last week of September

The top 80 projects will proceed to the next stage, involving a double evaluation in collaboration with our partners. Ultimately, the finest projects will be selected for support and financing within the project’s framework. In total, 12 projects will be granted in this first phase of the call for proposals, distributed as 6 projects for Lot 1, 4 projects for Lot 2, and 2 projects for Lot 3, with a total budget allocation of €200,000.

However, the opportunity to apply is far from over. The second phase of the call for proposals is currently open and will run until mid-April 2024 . To date, we have received over a hundred applications, with more than 20 projects meeting the administrative eligibility criteria. 

If you are still looking for partners, we invite you to participate in the matchmaking virtual event which will take place by the end of January 2024. This event will help you find partners who can assist you in the design and implementation of your project activities. The aim of this virtual matchmaking event is to enable organisations that have a relatively low level of experience to develop their networking and benefit from shared experiences and support from other organisations. This will also help you prepare better proposals for the second call for proposals.

The WYDE Civic Engagement funding program is open to all African civil society organisations, regardless of their level of experience. This means that we will fund both experienced and inexperienced associations. As part of our support, we offer coaching and technical assistance to beneficiary organisations through training and mentoring programs based on their needs.

All participating organisations will be invited to describe their backgrounds and interests. Based on this information, we will highlight the needs and the potential connections that could be beneficial for the organisations. If you are interested in taking part in the event, please register here. Places are limited, only selected organisations will be invited.

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Si vous êtes toujours à la cherche d’organisation partenaire, nous vous invitons à participer à l’événement virtuel de mise en relation qui aura lieu fin janvier 2024. Cet événement vous aidera à trouver des partenaires qui peuvent vous accompagner dans la conception et la mise en œuvre de vos activités de projet.

L’objectif de cette rencontre virtuelle est de permettre aux organisations qui ont un niveau d’expérience relativement bas de développer leur réseau et de bénéficier des expériences et du soutien d’autres organisations. Cela vous aidera également à préparer de meilleures propositions pour cet appel à projets.

Toutes les organisations participantes seront invitées à décrire leurs parcours et leurs intérêts. Sur la base de ces informations, nous identifierons les besoins et les connexions potentielles qui pourraient être bénéfiques pour les organisations.

Si vous êtes intéressé(e) à participer à l’événement, veuillez-vous inscrire en utilisant ce lien.

(Les places sont limitées, seules les organisations sélectionnées seront contactées).