ALDA and METRO-ADAPT project at “The Nature of Cities” Festival

Mar 25, 2021

Sviluppo territoriale e locale

This February – from 22nd to 26th – ALDA joined the “The Nature of Cities” – a virtual festival to engage stakeholders from the whole globe into  discussions on the future of our cities, as more sustainable, fair and just places to live.

During the myriad of workshops and roundtable sessions, participants had the chance to listen to great speakers tackling different topics: from ecosystem to urban nature and economic growth; and from strategies to raise awareness and help city governments, to the impact of Natural based solution on health.

“There is a need to build up awareness among our communities as far as this topic concerns”

Within the framework of our project METRO ADAPT (Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation Strategies and Measures in the Metropolitan City of Milan) , ALDA played an active role in the festival. More precisely, our Secretary General – Antonella Valmorbida – together with Mary Rowe – President of the Canadian Urban Institute, got virtually together in the session “Participation, Local Democracy and Sustainable Cities” to talk about the role of local communities as key actors for cities and urban areas’ sustainability. This webinar not only was a fruitful occasion of sharing; but it also served as good food for thoughts. Hence, as suggested by our Secretary General, “there is a need to build up awareness among our communities as far as this topic concerns”. Furthermore, our project manager Marta Arosio actively contributed, giving sharp hints during her “micro-talks” on “enhancing climate change adaptation strategies and measures” referring especially to the Metropolitan City of Milan.

The TNOC Festival was organised all around the globe, in different languages so that to allow participants to fully embrace this experience. Art workshops, virtual field tours have been specifically designed for this occasion, also encouraging the use of imagination to shape the cities of the future. A virtual “city of future” has been created, so that people could meet online with the event organisers; talk to each other, while walking around the imaginary city.

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To walk around the city, please visit: Topia

To know more about the Festival, visit: The Nature of Cities Festival website