ALDA Governing Board Meeting in Labin : Welcoming New Members and laying the foundations for ALDA’s strategy 24-28

Mar 19, 2024


The ALDA Governing Board met on March 15, 2024, in Labin (Croatia) to discuss and extend a heartfelt welcome to new members, charting a course for enhanced cooperation and impactful initiatives.

The session opened with warm institutional greetings by ALDA’s President, Mr. Oriano Otočan, the Vice President of the Istria Region, Mrs. Jessica Acquavita, and the Mayor Labin, Mr. Valter Glavicic. 

The agenda then focused on discussions on advancing ALDA’s strategic framework for 2024-2028. Oriano Otočan outlined the strategic vision, emphasising the need for member engagement in shaping policy and action agendas. Notably, there were deliberations on strengthening partnerships with the Eastern and Southern European regions, with a focus on fostering socio-economic development and enhancing regional integration. The session also featured updates on ALDA’s upcoming programmes and the ALDA General Assembly agenda for 2024. Discussions centred on key milestones, including the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Committee of the Regions, highlighting ALDA’s commitment to fostering inter-institutional cooperation and advocacy.

Approval of labels for Local Democracy Agencies (LDAs) underscored ALDA’s commitment to supporting grassroots initiatives across diverse regions. Despite challenges related to funding and operational capacity, the Governing Board reaffirmed its commitment to sustaining and nurturing LDAs, recognising their vital role in promoting participatory democracy and community engagement. The Governing Board meeting was also attended online by the newly elected representative of the Local Democracy Agencies within the Board, Mr. Kerim Medjedovic, delegate of LDA Montenegro, who will have a one-year mandate. 

The spotlight then turned to the introduction of new members, each bringing unique perspectives and expertise to ALDA’s dynamic community

Through a blend of online interviews and in-person presentations, several organisations were welcomed into the fold:

  • Association of Cities of the Republic of Croatia is a national, non-partisan and impartial community of cities founded in 2002 with the aim of encouraging the cooperation of local self-government units and promoting the common interests of cities in the Republic of Croatia;

These new additions underscore ALDA’s commitment to inclusivity and collaboration, enriching the Association’s capacity to address pressing challenges and seize emerging opportunities on both local and global scales. Looking ahead, these new partnerships will bring innovative projects, amplify advocacy efforts, and focus on greater citizen engagement, ultimately driving positive change in communities across Europe and its neighbouring regions. As ALDA continues to evolve and adapt to emerging challenges, the addition of new members stands as a testament to the Association’s enduring commitment to democracy, solidarity, and collaboration.

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