ALDA’s Governing Board meeting: new Members, strategic visions, and a glimpse into an ambitious future

Dic 22, 2023

In 2023, ALDA experienced a year marked by a series of dynamic challenges alongside numerous opportunities. To cap off this bustling year and gain insight into the future, the last ALDA Governing Board meeting was held online on December 20, 2023.

The convened meeting represented a crucial moment for the Organisation, bearing significance not only for the approval of several new members but also for the comprehensive discussion of pivotal milestones attained in 2023. Moreover, the session delved into the presentation and exploration of strategies and visions charting the course for ALDA’s future in 2024.

The initial part of the meeting centered around the endorsement of five new ALDA members. During this phase, the aspiring ALDA members seized the opportunity to showcase their activities to the audience and articulate the motivations driving their decision to align with ALDA.

The Associations and Organisations who took the floor were:

Roskovec MunicipalityRoskovec, known in its Albanian definite form as Roskoveci, is both a town and a municipality situated in Fier County, located in the southern-central region of Albania. The establishment of the municipality resulted from the 2015 local government reform, which involved the consolidation of the pre-existing municipalities of Kuman, Kurjan, Roskovec, and Strum into distinct municipal units. 

All-Ukrainian Association of Amalgamated Territorial Communities (AAATC) – AAATC is a nationwide, voluntary and democratic coalition of Ukrainian local councils at a community level. The organisation is dedicated to enhancing Ukrainian territorial communities and enhancing the efficiency of local governance in Ukraine, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life for every Ukrainian citizen.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Izmir, also known as Smyrna, stands as a major metropolitan city situated on the western coast of Anatolia and serves as the capital of İzmir Province. Ranking as the third most populous city in Türkiye, following Istanbul and Ankara, it holds the distinction of being the largest urban agglomeration along the Aegean Sea.

Fédération Générale des PEPLes PEP (Pupilles de l’Enseignement Public) is a network of 101 local associations brought together under the umbrella of a General Federation that works for an inclusive society. Founded on the values of secularism, solidarity, equality and citizenship, the Fédération Générale des PEP is accredited as an association that complements schools, youth and sport, and tourism. The Fédération Générale des PEP is therefore a network and a movement for social change.

Districte 11 City to CityDistrict 11 City to City is a Non Governmental Organisation based in Barcelona (Spain). The Organisation aims to remember and vindicate the experience of solidarity between citizens in conflicts.

Following detailed presentations, all new members were unanimously approved by the Governing Board, paving the way for strengthened partnerships and collaborative initiatives.

New Members, strategic visions, and a glimpse into an ambitious future

The approval of new members concluded the first part of the meeting and led the participants to a pivotal moment for the Organisation as a whole, represented by the disclosure of the Document on the Programme and Budget of ALDA for 2024. 

The Document was outlined by ALDA President, Mr. Oriano Otocan, together with ALDA Secretary General, Mrs. Antonella Valmorbida, to the Governing Board, who approved the document in its entirety. 

A further important moment was reached with the Presentation of a draft of the ALDA Strategy for the timeframe 2024-2028. The finalised Strategy will be discussed and approved during the ALDA Festival and General Assembly 2024, which will be held from 14 to 16 May 2024 in Barcelona (Spain). 

The future of the Association, briefly outlined during this last meeting seems to be ambitious, creative and innovative. 

Never losing sight of its mission and goals, ALDA and its ever-expanding network will continue to work towards a stronger democracy and more resilient communities in 2024. 

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