ALDA network presented to Mayors from the German Land of Baden-Wuerttemberg

Lug 16, 2012

Good governance

Mr. Per Vinther, member of ALDA’s Governing Board, made last week a presentation of the activities of ALDA and the LDAs to a group of mayors from the German Land of Baden-Wuerttemberg. They appreciated an input from Civil Society rounding off their visit to EU Institutions, CEMR, the Representation Office of Baden-Wuerttemberg and other organisations represented in Brussels.
“There seemed to be an interest in developing some kind of project cooperation with ALDA in the future, possibly drawing on the expertise available in their respective municipalities to the benefit of municipalities with whom ALDA or the LDAs work” Mr. Vinther stated at the end of the meeting.
The meeting was organised by the Europe Office of the Staedtetag of Baden-Wuerttemberg, a Regional Association of Local Authorities that gather has 181 members.
In September representatives of ALDA and Europe Office of the Association will met to see how set up a system to inform selected municipalities of project opportunities, using the Europe Office as distribution channel.