Building partnerships and progress: highlights from the ALDA Odesa meeting

Apr 23, 2024

Good governance

The recent ALDA Odesa meeting brought together key stakeholders to review achievements and plan for the future. Attendees included ALDA Secretary General Mrs. Antonella Valmorbida, Ms. Tamara Astakhova from the Association of Ukrainian Cities (AUC), Mr. Vitaliy Barvinenko, Advisory Board Member Mrs. Inna Volkova, Mr. Igor Studennikov and Ms. Viktoria Yatsyshyna contributed to the success of the meeting.

The collaboration with Fons Mallorqui has been crucial, enabling ALDA Odesa to utilise expertise and resources for the benefit of the region.

Since November, ALDA Odesa has been active, as demonstrated by Mrs. Valmorbida’s video showcasing highlights of their work in Ukraine, particularly in Odesa. The potential partnership with the Association of Ukrainian Cities (AUC) presents exciting opportunities, with Ms. Tamara Astakhova providing insights into AUC’s long history of engagement in decentralisation and other reforms.

Mr. Vitaliy Barvinenko is optimistic about the organisation’s progress, considering possible reorganisation to adapt to the evolving situation. Ms. Inna Volkova shared updates on recent projects, including the Smart Family House and Children’s Centre, highlighting ALDA Odesa’s commitment to supporting vulnerable groups. Mr. Igor Studennikov extended an invitation to the National Participation Day in the Danube region, emphasising the importance of broader engagement.

The Action Plan is taking shape, with a focus on youth, IDPs adaptation, and cultural and educational initiatives. Ms. Inna Volkova’s suggestion to include EU integration activities aligns with the organisation’s advocacy efforts and vision of fostering European values in the Danube region. Ms. Viktoria Yatsyshyna provided updates on cultural cooperation between Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and Odesa, emphasising the significance of international partnerships.

Moving forward, ALDA Odesa aims to finalise the Action Plan soon. The next meeting in May will be crucial for formalising the LDA registration.

ALDA Odesa’s journey is characterised by collaboration, resilience, and a shared vision for sustainable development. With each meeting, partnerships are strengthened, impact deepened, and progress made towards a brighter future in Odesa and beyond.