ALDA’s commitment to Ukraine: Securing grants for local initiatives and recovery

Gen 23, 2024

ALDA is delighted to announce its recent success in securing two grants, furthering its commitment to community development and resilience in Ukraine. These grants mark a significant step in ALDA’s mission to address pressing social needs and support new Ukrainian members.

The first grant has been awarded for the City of Poltava, an esteemed member of ALDA. This funding will pave the way for the creation of a Veterans Center, dedicated to supporting the social integration of individuals returning from the front. ALDA recognises the significance of addressing the needs of those directly affected by the war, underlining its dedication to fostering community resilience.

The second grant, provided by Engagement Global, has been awarded to LDA Dnipropetrovsk in collaboration with the NGO Blue Yellow Cross from North Rhine-Westphalia region in Germany. This funding will be instrumental in the renovation and equipment of a shelter in the basement of a multi-level block in the city of Dnipro.

ALDA expresses its gratitude to the Council of Europe for awarding this financial support.

These achievements reaffirm ALDA’s standing commitment to fostering positive change and creating impactful projects that address the diverse needs of communities.

We look forward to the successful implementation of these projects and their lasting impact on the lives of those they aim to serve.

Since the war’s inception, ALDA has actively engaged in programs for local authorities in Ukraine, with LDAs in Mariupol and Dnipropetrovsk Region playing a pivotal role. The objective is to establish new LDAs in the near future, as outlined in the Flagship Initiative in Ukraine.

ALDA’s role in Ukraine is not just about responding to immediate challenges but also about laying the foundation for long-term resilience, recovery, and collaboration.