ALDA’s Milestones in 2023: A Year of Commitment to Local Democracy

Dic 31, 2023

Good governance

As we bid farewell to 2023, we reflect upon the significant milestones achieved by ALDA and its team. Throughout the year, ALDA has tirelessly pursued its mission to strengthen local democracy: let’s take a closer look at some of the key activities that defined ALDA’s impactful journey in 2023.

Flagship initiative in Ukraine

One of the standout achievements of ALDA in 2023 was the successful implementation of its flagship initiative in Ukraine. With a steadfast commitment to promoting local democracy, ALDA initiated several projects aimed at empowering local communities. From capacity-building programs to fostering civic engagement, ALDA played a pivotal role in enhancing the democratic fabric of Ukraine. The organisation’s tireless efforts underscored its dedication to fostering inclusive and participatory governance structures.

General Assembly in Brussels, Belgium

A highlight on ALDA’s calendar was the General Assembly held in Brussels, Belgium. The event brought together members, stakeholders, and advocates for local democracy from across Europe. The assembly served as a platform for fruitful discussions, strategic planning, and the exchange of ideas. Notably, the participation of Dubravka Šuica, vice-president of the European Commission, added a significant dimension to the Assembly, that provided a forum for key stakeholders to reflect on the achievements of the past year and chart a course for the future, reinforcing ALDA’s commitment to local democracy in Europe and its neighbourhood.

ALDA’s stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

In the midst of global geopolitical challenges, ALDA demonstrated its commitment to promoting peace and justice by issuing a bold statement on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The organisation unequivocally called for a peaceful resolution, emphasising the importance of dialogue and diplomacy. ALDA’s principled stance not only showcased its dedication to human rights but also served as a testament to the association’s role in advocating for just and equitable solutions to complex geopolitical issues.

Projects implementation

With more than 500 active projects, ALDA achieved countless projects’ results that fostered engagement and democracy worldwide. Among all, it’s worth mentioning the “ADD Something Meaningful project“, that empowered youth through democratic processes with the cornerstone “Ideathon” methodology in Oulu, Finland; the “Sports for ALL” project, that fostered international collaborations and inclusive sports activities that were showcased at the Final Conference in Montebelluna, Italy, culminating in the publication of the “Sports for ALL Method”; the “Our Digital Village” project, whose achievements in 2023 included the #ReciprocalMaieuticApproach training, the RMA Manual publication, workshops across seven countries and the initiation of the ODV Activity Kit co-designing process; and to conclude, the PAVE (Peace Awareness through Volunteering and Education) project successfully organised the International Peace Academy in Zagreb, uniting 60 young adults from six European countries and fostering discussions on conflict prevention, peace education, and exploring historical conflicts in Europe.

Looking ahead: ALDA’s vision for 2024

As ALDA looks towards the future, the organisation remains unwavering in its commitment to advancing local democracy: the milestones achieved in 2023 serve as a solid foundation for future initiatives and endeavours. ​The upcoming year holds the promise of fresh activities, such as the upcoming EU24 elections, ALDA’s electoral General Assembly, the realisation of dozens of already approved projects, the adoption of a new ALDA Strategy that will allow us further development and new challenges based on the results achieved in the previous 30 years. ​As we step into a new year, ALDA remains at the forefront of the fight for inclusive good governance and citizens participation, continuing to help local communities thrive.