ALDA’s TIC-TAC project: the local info-days, organised by partners, from Albania to Ireland

Mag 07, 2012

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The ALDA project TIC-TAC (Training, Information, Cooperation – Towards Active Citizenship) is deeply entering in its second step with the organisation by partners of numerous local Info-days during the following month.
These local Info-days aim at fostering active citizenship at local level and at increasing the visibility of the Europe for Citizens Programme and disseminating its measures, benefits and working perspectives among local stakeholders. The organizators, which are all TIC-TAC partners, will share what they learned in Brussels during the training session in March with participants of the Info-day and encourage them to use the Europe for Citizens project as a tool for their future activities.
After the event organised in Bratsislava by the Union of Towns and Cities in Slovakia, in co-operation with ALDA and City Bratislava, on 21st April 2012, and the event promoted on 5th May in Osijek, Croatia, where the Local Democracy Agency Osijek organised different activities as questionnaire for citizens, communication with citizens, dissemination of material, processing of feedback from citizens, fiveadditonal Info-days are planned:

  • on 11th May in Ireland. Theevent will be organised by Leafair Community Association.
  • on 17th May inRubick, Albania: The Association of Albanian Municipalities (AAM) will organise in cooperation with the City of Rubick a one day event in Rubick during the Saint “Buemi” Day. The Info-day will be dedicated to the presentation of the project TIC-TAC and different activities (workshop, study visits, cultural animation) regarding the cultural traditions of the region and the European cultural heritage.
  • 22th May in Denmark(almost confirmed). The event will be organised by the Municipality of Vejle.
  • 1st June in Sofia, Bulgaria (almost confirmed). The event will be organised by the Association of European Partnership in cooperation with the Municiaplity of Sofia.
  • Mid of June (exact dates to be confirmed) in Skopje and in Valandovo, Macedonia. Two events will be organised by the Center for Institutional Development (CIRa).