Alliance WTD in the European Development Days 2012

Giu 22, 2012

Good governance

ALDA Alliance WTD, Working Together for Development, has been selected by the European Commission to be included in the next European Development Days programme. EDD 2012 will take place at the Tour & Taxis venue in Brussels, Belgium (16-17 October 2012).
ALDA will organise a creative laboratory conceived as a learning café session aiming at brainstorming and proposing recommendations integrating the contributions of experts and practitioners on the advantages of creating real synergies between LAs and CSOs in development cooperation.In order to achieve its main objective, the WTD Working Together for Development learning café is structured in a dynamic and creative way, which allows not only experts but also practitioners to have a real contribution to the formulations of recommendations. The learning café method allows having informal discussions on themes that are usually threaded in a very formal way. In this manner, WTD learning café wants to formulate recommendations responding to 6 key themes identified as the main features characterising the joint involvement of LAs and CSOs in development cooperation processes.