Bored of Borders: developing awareness on European identity

Apr 08, 2022

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

“Bored of Borders”: ACHIEVE (Awareness of Common History for Identifying and Extending the Values of Europe) project final event  took place from the 4th to the 5th of April in Vicenza, Italy. Organised by Istituto Rezzara, the meeting was held in a hybrid mode allowing all the partners, 14 from 13 different countries, to join the event. 

Councillor Francesco Faresin from Breganze Municipality, leader of the project, gave his opening speech, welcoming the partners to the event. The latter, after having discussed the financial reporting on the project, presented the last Local Path done by each organisation, together with the results achieved and the future objectives.  

As stated by the partners, the activities carried out during the project have been an opportunity to increase awareness on the European identity, observe and evaluate people’s behaviour toward Euroscepticism, and provide the tools to fight its wide spread.  

Moreover, in the afternoon a public event was held with the project presentation followed by each partner’s insight into their activities, values, and purposes. Then, Global Citizenship Map, launched by ALDA, collected all the materials (photos, videos, articles) related to the projects, recording all the the activities implemented .

“Bored of Borders”: an opportunity to confront and exchange ideas and perspectives

The first day of event ended with the workshop, entitled “Movement of people. Borders crossing in light of the recent crisis”. Specifically, the seminar focused on migration and Euroscepticism, it was coordinated by Professor Giuseppe Franco Pesavento and counted with the presence of Professor Vittorio Pontello and Khrystyna Kvartsiana, Programmes Development Officer of ALDA, that presented their reflections on the current crisis. 

Hence, the workshop was a considerable opportunity to confront and exchange ideas and perspectives on the current Russian attack in Ukraine. It was especially meaningful given the fact that the participants belonged to different countries, some members of Europe and some neighbours. Khrystyna Kvartsiana shared her insights not only from her professional expertise, but also from her personal experience as an Ukranian citizen. 

The second day focused on the project evaluation. The partners shared their points of view on the project’s development and its strongest and weakest aspects. 

The day concluded with a visit to Vicenza city centre, the partners had an excellent guide,Silvia De Mori, from Istituto Rezzara, that shared with enthusiasm her knowledge on art history.

Finally, ALDA would like to thank Istituto Rezzara for the welcoming hospitality


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