Community-based Rehabilitation and Inclusive Social Theatre

Apr 11, 2022

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

The inclusive show entitled  “Theatre for everyone”, organized by the LDA Tunisia took place on 30th March 2022, in the cultural center Chebika- Kairouan within the project “Je Repars de Toi”: Community-based Rehabilitation and Inclusive Social Theatre.

The programme of the show was rich in terms of performances and content: starting with Tunisian national anthem in the language of signs, moving then to a mime play, a play of fantasy, a song, and an inclusive rhythmic dance. The audience loved every bit of the show thanks to its smooth and vivacious performances.

The 33 performers, aged between 10 to 30 years old,  belong to 3 different centers for rehabilitation and specialized education for people with disabilities: 

  • Association Générale des Insuffisants Moteurs de (AGIM Kairouan)
  • Union Tunisienne d’Aide aux Insuffisants Mentaux (UTAIM Kairouan)
  • Association de Soutien Aux déficients auditifs (ASDA Kairouan)

Among them, there were also 4 participants without disabilities and enrolled in the public center for defense and social integration (CDIS)

The inclusive show entitled  “Theatre for everyone”, organized by the LDA Tunisia took place on 30th March 2022, in the cultural center Chebika- Kairouan

The festival, held for the second year, results from 3 workshops for children with disabilities established in the aforementioned centers in October 2020. During the sessions, the participants received regular training that aimed to contribute to their inclusion in the society, to reinforce their capacities, while empowering their personalities. Indeed, the show echoed the success of these activities, showing the ability of the participants to move smoothly on stage and performing autonomously.

Generally speaking, the core of social theater is to create an environment of coexistence, tolerance, and acceptance within the community. Theater is for everyone: each of us is welcomed to join the training activities. The latter are adaptable and flexible according to the capacities of the participants. This concept has been turned into reality in the “Theatre for everyone” show. In addition, the audience was amazed by the skilled and dedicated performers who brought so much enthusiasm and passion to the scene, everything well presented also thanks to decoration, accessories, music and sound effects which were designed and selected with much care and attention.

Moreover, in the framework of the same project “Je Repars de Toi” financed by AICs and implemented with the collaboration of the LDA Tunisia, COPE Italy and associations of rehabilitation for people with disabilities. Furthermore, in light of a new collaboration children with disabilities from Italy will be able to visit Kairouan, joining the theater workshops, and prepare another inclusive show by the end of May, performed by Italian and Tunisian participants.

Finally, this great result was achieved thanks to the constant mobilization of the community and the contribution of different partners. Parents of people with disabilities, children, children and people with disabilities, representatives of local authorities, public and private administrations, and civil society organizations were among the audience. By the end of the show, the LDA Tunisia was approached by potential partners who encouraged the agency and provided promising ideas and recommendations for new collaborations.