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CreateUp – Promoting Entrepreneurship For The Cultural And Creative Sectors

Increasing education and fighting unemployment


The cultural and creative sectors have an important role to play in the continuous transition of our societies and are at the heart of the creative economy. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Europe in spring 2020, the CCS have been among the negatively affected sectors. The growing relevance of entrepreneurship in the arts and culture sector is closely related to the emergence of the creative industries. Creative industries are the activities which have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent and protected by intellectual property, and these industries include advertisement, architecture, art and antiques, crafts, fashion, design, film, performing arts, music, tv and radio, leisure software (video games), and publishing. General objective of CreateUp is to reduce creative unemployed people and offer effective strategies for development of relevant and high-quality skills and competencies. The key target groups are trainers working with creative adults. In 36 months the project aims to empower educators on how to prepare adults for effective creative entrepreneurship in CCI sectors, how to support them and how to link with the CCI employers sustainably.


  • Reduce the number of creative unemployed people in the society
  • Foster favourable ecosystems for cultural and creative industries, promoting access to finance, innovation capacity, fair remuneration of authors and creators and cross-sectoral cooperation
  • Promote the skills needed by cultural and creative sectors, including digital, entrepreneurial, traditional and specialised skills
  • Test an innovative mentoring programme for CCI employers on how to set-up and support high quality entrepreneurship opportunities with their limited resources
  • Have creative people in Europe can use to reinforce their creative competences under a perspective of entrepreneurship, that resizes and enhances their professional potential and their personal growth