Democracy Discourse: An In-depth Quiz to Celebrate the International Day of Democracy!

Set 15, 2023

Potenziamento e istruzione dei giovani

As we join the global commemoration of Democracy Day, we find ourselves in thoughtful reflection upon the enduring values and principles that underpin the democratic systems we hold dear. Democracy, with its rich history and ongoing evolution, stands as a cornerstone of societies worldwide, transcending mere governance to become a testament to the power of collective voices, equality, and civic participation.

This year, in collaboration with our esteemed partners at Brulocalis, we proudly present a quiz that delves deep into the essence of democracy. Brulocalis, a non-profit organisation created and managed by local authorities in the Brussels-Capital Region, has been a steadfast advocate for democracy, tirelessly working to support and promote its ideals.

In our shared commitment to fostering democratic principles, we’ve crafted a quiz that not only tests your knowledge but also encourages a profound exploration of the democratic values that bind us all.

Take the quiz by clicking here!

Accessing the Answers: We understand that the quest for knowledge doesn’t end with the questions. To provide you with the answers, we will share them through our social media channels FacebookLinkedInTwitter (X) and Instagram. Additionally, if you wish to receive the answers directly to your inbox, simply leave your email address at the end of the quiz, and we’ll ensure you get the inside scoop.

As you embark on this enlightening journey, you’ll encounter ten thought-provoking questions, each designed to challenge your understanding of democracy. Beyond the quiz, we will provide comprehensive explanations for each question, shedding light on the historical context and contemporary relevance of the topics explored.

Join us in celebrating Democracy Day by embracing the spirit of inquiry and the principles that underpin open, inclusive, and democratic societies. As you explore this quiz, we encourage you to share your insights, thoughts, and quiz scores with your network, contributing to a meaningful discourse on democracy that extends beyond this article.

Happy International Day of Democracy 2023!