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Environmental monitoRIng through Civic engAgement


The ERICA project will synergise action on local environmental problems with climate change issues through citizen science educating, informing and engaging citizens in addressing environmental issues engendered by fossil fuels. ERICA’s main objective is to improve citizens’ environmental awareness and civic engagement through the evelopment of a new educational methodology on citizen science for environmental monitoring. Citizens will gain the capacity to initiate and manage citizen science initiatives, collect and assess environmental information, and convert such data into “actionable knowledge” that is perceived as useful and immediately applicable by citizens, local authorities, academic institutions, and NGOs


  1. An e-booklet of best practices (R1) of citizen science initiatives related to environmental monitoring in the EU. It will provide new learning opportunities on the benefits of bottom-up research initiatives that allow us to bridge the gap between research and civil society.
  2. the ERICA training methodology (R2), constituted by a module on environmental monitoring practices, one on the technologies for citizen sensing, one on data advocacy and further content material
  3. for actionable knowledge. R2 will provide the necessary knowledge to adult citizens on how to play an active role in the fight against climate change through civic engagement.
  4. The ERICA e-learning platform (R3), the digital tool to provide the ERICA methodology, thus available to share project results and facilitate peer-to-peer teaching and learning, knowledge transfer and exchange of information.
  5. The Pilot evaluation plan (R4) that will summarise the results achieved through pilot actions, directly experiencing environmental monitoring practices on fossil fuels industry’s activities.