Help for Ukraine: the emergency campaign in Wrocław

Apr 06, 2022

Good governance

The Mayor of Wrocław, together with the Metropolitan of Wrocław are supporting an emergency campaign to provide help to people in Ukraine. 

From a general perspective, many States, such as Poland, have developed several initiatives since the beginning of this conflict. The “red and white” country, considering also its geographical proximity with Ukraine, has been welcoming a great number of civilians forced to leave their homes.

Luckly, the spontaneous actions of human solidarity are countless, testifying how collaboration, dialogue and mutual help are the key to overcome this surreal situation.

 Wrocław actions of solidarity to help Ukraine

Specifically, “Help for Ukraine” initiative, is mainly based on two strands: 

  • Food collection
  • Donation

As far as supplies are concerned, the organisers are suggesting to donate, when possible, non-perishable food, which will be donated to citizens of Lviv. Any school in Wrocław has been appointed as a collecting point.

ALDA is very much glad to share this initiative, and would like to thank its Vice President, and Governing Board Member, Mr. Ostrowski, who informed the Association of this great action in Wrocław.

More information available in Polish, English and German here