“HEY! What is Happening?” a guide towards more equal and inclusive communities

Feb 13, 2023

Good governance

ALDA, as partner of the H.E.Y! project Heightening the Engagement of Youth –  is pleased to present you the 1st Project Result “HEY! What is Happening?”, an innovative guide developed by the project consortium, composed of partner organisations from Cyprus, Italy, France, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. 

The guide aims to build more equal and inclusive communities through innovative and transnational youth initiatives, recognise the vital role the youth sector plays in helping young people recover from detrimental effects, overcome poverty, mitigate the impact of the pandemic, and improve successful school-to-work transitions. 

The HEY guide aims at building more equal and inclusive communities through innovative and transnational youth initiatives

The “HEY! What is Happening?” guide presents the data, information and results collected, as well as conclusions reached by 6 nation-wide research surveys, to support the positive empowerment and engagement of youth, and to improve the existing local youth work practices of youth leaders and operators.

The research surveys, carried out simultaneously in all partner countries, were composed of:

  • Secondary research to extract information published by the different stakeholders;
  • Focus Group with 10 Returnees, NEETs and other young people with fewer opportunities;
  • Focus Group with 10 youth workers, youth leaders, social welfare officers, educators and others;
  • Focus Group with 5 public/private institutions involved in youth policies; 
  • 10 personal interviews with Returnees and NEETs. 

Discover the “HEY! What is Happening?” guide here.  

Find out more about the H.E.Y! Project here

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