Unlocking Perspectives: Youth’s Impact on Inclusion and Intercultural Understanding

Dic 19, 2023

Good governance

On the 5th of December in Strasbourg (France(, the event titled “From Voices to Visions: Youth’s Impact on Inclusion and Intercultural Understanding”  emerged as a powerful platform for dialogue, collaboration, and visionary thinking.

The opening session was conducted by ALDA, event’s coordinator and key player in the realms of local democracy, active citizenship, and European cooperation.
Diving into the content, the focus of the morning’s session was the INCLUDATE project (Educating for Inclusion). The project, with a focus on marginalized groups, particularly migrants, seeks to build capacity within migrant associations and dismantle participation barriers at the local level.
The morning was enriched by the intervention of Mops Gdynia sharing their impactful local strategy for migrant integration. The engaging panel discussion featuring the associations PerEsempio, Crossing Borders, Centre Bernanos, ALDA, and Mops Gdynia amplified the diversity of perspectives, creating a dynamic tapestry of ideas.

Post a delightful communal lunch, the afternoon session unveiled the PACIFY-D project (Promoting Active Citizenship of Youth through Diplomacy). This visionary project aims to establish Country Info Points as local learning hubs, fostering youth education and fortifying democratic attitudes through civic engagement.
During the afternoon, the PACIFY-D session further blossomed with the inclusion of YouthID, a french association championing the active contribution of young people to a sustainable world. Their impactful mobility projects, especially catering to those with fewer opportunities, echoed a call for solidarity. ESN France then took the stage, illuminating their pivotal role in student and non-academic mobility, emphasizing a broader awareness of internationalization and active youth participation.
Finally, participants were involved in dynamic working groups. Participants, inspired by the day’s discussions, collaborated on brainstorming sessions that spanned future initiatives, EU/local projects, awareness campaigns, and dialogues with local institutions, all aligned with the event’s overarching themes. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Includate and Pacify-d projects!