Implementing Good Governance in Kosovo – ELoGE launch event

Apr 06, 2022

Good governance

The European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE) was introduced in Kosovo during the kick-off event organized on the 6th of April 2022 in Pristina. From a general perspective, this event has to be understood within a broader context, in which ALDA is operating. Thus, the Association has been awarded accreditation to implement ELoGE not only in Kosovo*, but also in Bosnia Herzegovina and North Macedonia.

Focusing on the launching event in Pristina, the Minister of Local Government Administration of Kosovo, Mr. Elbert Krasniqi opened the ceremony highlighting the importance of democratic principles in the process of local development, emphasizing that “Human rights, democracy and the rule of law are three basic pillars through which we aim to help municipalities in democratic governance. Through this program, municipalities will be assisted in improving their performance in providing high quality services within an improved system of local self-government”.

 “We aim to help municipalities in democratic governance” Minister Mr. Krasniqi

During the opening remarks, ALDA’s Secretary General, Ms. Antonella Valmorbida presented the experience of the Association implementing ELoGE in different countries and contexts. The Head of office of Council of Europe office in Pristina, Mr. Frank Power put forward the work of the Council of Europe in the country and the advanced environment when it comes to good governance in the past years. Mr. Niall Sheerin from the Centre of Expertise for Good governance concluded that the ELoGE label is awarded to municipalities which have achieved a high level of good governance measured against a Council of Europe benchmark.

More that 20 representatives from municipalities followed the presentation of the phases of ELoGE implementation and expressed their interest in engaging in the self-assessment process.

The implementation of ELoGE in Kosovo relies on a partnership between the Council of Europe, the Ministry of Local Government Administration and ALDA as organisation with substantive know-how, expertise or experience in the field of good governance, especially at the local level.

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