In 2021, ALDA more than ever committed to improving international cooperation practices

Mar 03, 2021

Good governance

We are pleased to announce that this year, ALDA joins the French network F3E, a network of solidarity and international cooperation actors engaged in the evaluation and evolution of development actions!

Pursuant to ALDA’s new 2021-2024 strategy and its willingness to question and improve its practices, but also at a more global level its constant effort to contribute to the enhancement of international cooperation policies and actions, this step was today deemed fundamental.

It is therefore naturally alongside the F3E network that ALDA has decided to engage in this effort, a pioneering network in the improvement of the practices of cooperation players and the strengthening of their skills.

Network F3E contributes to the agility of civil society, authorities and institutions in a complex and moving environment

Bringing together more than 85 members, including local and international organizations and local authorities, the multi-stakeholder network F3E contributes to the agility of civil society, authorities and institutions in a complex and moving environment, by sharing complementary innovative methodologies for the evaluation of practices, leading to effective changes and substantial reduction of inequalities.

The accession of ALDA to this network has been very well welcomed by the members, convinced that ALDA, a key French actor dedicated to supporting the different actors of communities to make them more solidary, active and inclusive, will bring a real added value to this network, engaging its experience in project management, methodologies on participatory processes and its network. Indeed, ALDA is committed to supporting stakeholders to find the skills and tools necessary to pursue their objectives by accompanying them in the development, planning and execution of their projects. With more than 400 projects to its record and 75 projects currently being implemented, ALDA itself has a great mastery of resource identification and management, but also of the localization and implementation of Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Objectives, which are at the heart of its actions.

ALDA looks forward to bringing this expertise and reinforcing the capacities of its fellow members, but also to learning from them and their practices, and working hand in hand to make international solidarity and cooperation actions more effective.