In memories & conflict elaboration, a documentary “Public history as private history”. March – May, 2011

Mag 02, 2011

EU values and Enlargement

With the aim of improving relationships and cohabitation among communities by sharing reflections on past, present and future in a perspective of conflict elaboration and transformation, a documentary with interviews of around 100 people of all ages from the region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo*) has been produced. Documentary has been realised by LDA Nis, TavoloTrentino con Kraljevo, Kraljevo, Progetto Prijedor, Tavolo Trentino con Kosovo and supported by the Association Tavolo Trentino, Italy.

At the beginning of April, participants from Nis, Kraljevo, Prijedor, Pec, Pristina and Gorazdevac shared their individual perspectives of major historic and politic events in past two decades in the region during the joint one day workshop with an expert from Italy about “old factory and its meaning for old and new generations”, where they analysed the meaning of industry before and today.
They have also planned the future project related to the cultural heritage of the region.
In the up-coming months a premiere of the documentary will be organised in each of the cities involved.