Innovative approaches for youth employment and intermunicipal cooperation for social cohesion between young people

Lug 20, 2012

Good governance

The House of Europe in Caen, Lower Normandy (F) and the Coalition of Youth organisations SEGA, from Macedonia, organised two seminars in July in Strumica, North Macedonia.
The seminars took place from 9th untile 11th and from 11th until 13th as a part of the component young of the programme.
The first seminar, dedicated to “New Approaches for Youth Employment”, took place from 9th until 11th July 2012. The participants came from different organisations and institutions that work on youth employment in North Macedonia and in the Lower Normandy Region.
All through the seminar the participants presented their activities and discussed over the possibilities for internships. Moreover, they focused on the current economic situation for the youth in North Macedonia and in Lower Normandy and talked over the innovative approaches to resolve the youth unemployment problem. During the seminar, programme holders and policy makers offered solutions in order to reduce the youth unemployment rate in North Macedonia.
The second seminar “Inter–Municipal Collaboration for Encouraging Social Cohesion among Youth” took place from 11th until 13th July, 2012. Among the participants on the seminar, there were representatives from Macedonian municipalities (Skopje, Delčevo, Strumica, Tearce, Kisela Voda, Kavadarci, Veles and Radoviš), from the NGO « Moja Kariera », from the Macedonian Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, from the National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility and representatives from the Lower Normandy Region.
The seminar was opened with a presentation of the programme for decentralised cooperation between the Lower Normandy Region and North Macedonia. The main objective of the seminar was to develop approaches to improve social cohesion between young people through institutional collaboration between local and national authorities. The participants exchanged views on the possibilities offered to young people by the programme “Youth in Action” and European Voluntary Service.
This activity is part of the component: Youth, Local and European Citizenship within the Project for decentralised cooperation between Republic of Macedonia and the region of Lower Normandy – France, managed by ALDA, implemented by the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA – North Macedonia and the European House of Caen – France.