Join the first co-creation session of the BUILDSPACE project!

Lug 10, 2023

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BUILDSPACE - Enabling Innovative Space-driven Services for Energy Efficient Buildings and Climate Resilient Cities

ALDA is a proud partner of BUILDSPACE, a 3-year Horizon project that gathers together 14 partners from 8 different countries.

Funded by the European Union, BUILDSPACE aims to develop a platform and innovative applications that will enhance the sustainability and resilience of buildings and cities in the face of climate change,  shaping a more sustainable and resilient future for our urban environments. To this end, the project will organize a series of co-creation sessions, actively involving stakeholders to understand their needs and tailor the service offering based on current issues.

Join the first co-creation session to revolutionize the way urban environments are understood and developed

Through co-creation sessions, the project consortium seeks to collect insights and inputs from diverse stakeholders, crossing boundaries between disciplines and cultures. By joining the session, you will have the opportunity to define and design applications in energy-efficient buildings and climate-resilient cities

These sessions aim to involve stakeholders not only in the final output of the project, but also during its different activities, to create a strong community of interest concretely engaged  in the sustainability of our buildings and cities, able to take actively into account the environment  in decision-making processes.

On July 14, join the online session to co-create the future of energy-efficient cities!