Join the LDA Mariupol Partners Meeting: activities go on, paving the way for a stronger and free LDA

Feb 13, 2023

Good governance

While the first anniversary of the Russian invasion on Ukraine is approaching, we believe important to never give up on working on democracy and participation in the country, even in the worst times.

Indeed, while we proudly note that the Local Democracy Agency Mariupol (LDA Mariupol) has never stopped working, even though its delegate and the whole staff had to leave the city of Mariupol to reach to a safer place, the time has come for a collective reflection on the future development of the LDA.

Thus, as a side event on the “Working Group on Ukraine” of the Committee of the Regions, on 24 February 2023, ALDA, in cooperation with the Municipality of Gdansk and the LDA Mariupol itself, organises ameeting among the partners of the LDA Mariupol.

The meeting is not only open to the current partners, most importantly, it is conceived as a moment of information and discussion for all stakeholders interested in knowing more about the LDA or in supporting its future activities.

Our hope is to bring the LDA back to Mariupol, once the conflict is over and Mariupol returns to Ukrainian soil. At the same time, we wish to expand the current partnerships to new stakeholders interested, so that the LDA enjoys more support, and its activities can have an even greater impact, given the time of extreme need.

Hence, you are all invited to join online the LDA Mariupol Partners Meeting, on Friday, February 24th, 2023, from 14:00 to 16:00 PM (CET time).

Learn more about the event and its agenda HERE.

Join the meeting online  [Meeting ID: 850 7644 3080 | Passcode: 293007]