LDA Moldova as a key player within the national political framework

Mar 03, 2021

EU values and Enlargement

On March 1st our colleague Alexandru Coica – on behalf of LDA Moldova – joined the consultation organised by the Moldovan President so that to face the current political crisis. Thus, in order to overcome the latter,  CSOs,  judges and professionals gathered together sharing their expertise as far as – for example – respect for the rule of law and democracy concern. Hence, in these days, Moldova is looking for solutions so that to break the political stalemate, which results from the dichotomy among the corruption-based attitudes of PSRM-Sor parliamentary majority on the one hand; and population will of change and desire of sovereignty on the other.

Moldova has to play the fundamental role of being a stable and mature democracy in Eastern Partnership

Inviting civil society’s representatives at the debate is a positive signal from the national authorities and, as mentioned by Alexandru himself, “large consultations within different society levels are important to ensure that a democratic, legal and representative solution is identified”.

Key and crucial aspects raised during the debate have to be kept in mind: the solution – no matter what it will be – should be focused on citizen’s well-being. Besides it should be taken within a short period of time, for the best of the population. Furthermore, one should not forget the geographical perspective. We are all well aware of the current situations in Belarus, Georgia as well as Armenia and Azerbaijan; therefore, Moldova has to play the fundamental role of being a stable and mature democracy in Eastern Partnership.

Taking part in this crucial debate not only testifies the importance of LDA Moldova as a key strategic partner at political level, but it also spurs all of us to continue our work as a democracy promoters, close to local realties and citizens’ needs.