P-CUBE project on the move: Come play public policy!

Apr 11, 2022

Good governance

The project P-CUBE – Playing Public Policy is an educational digital game aimed at teaching students, professionals and public officials how decisions are taken in the public sphere by covering the individual elements of the policy making process. 

The purpose of P-CUBE is to unveil the complexity of public policy making by teaching the players the elements that policy entrepreneurs must take into consideration in their planning, and the ways in which they can try to alter these elements in order to introduce the desired innovation.

The educational digital game includes 30 different missions in 4 domains, namely urban innovation, social inclusion, science & public policy and EU decision making.

The P-CUBE project is an educational digital game aimed at teaching the theory and practice of public policy!

The players are confronted with real life situations and by playing they develop the strategic thinking that is needed for accomplishing their mission, which is a successful change in policy. By the end of the game they learn how to shape public policy by successfully navigating the maze of complex decision-making processes. 

So, are you ready to play public policy?!

Then, become one of the pilot communities that will test the digital game!  Contact us at


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