PCPA training in Hammamet: three days of hard work

Gen 18, 2021

Potenziamento e istruzione dei giovani

Within the framework of the coordination of the Local and Participative Democracy Pole of the PCPA project, set up with the Tunisian scouts, ALDA organised a training course taking place from 11 to 13 December 2020 in Hammamet, Tunisia.

The PCPA project – Programme concerté pluri-actifs/active multi-actors is the largest network of Franco-Tunisian associations. The Local and Participative Democracy cluster covers 15 Governorates and mobilises 30 Tunisian associations as well as 7 between associations and French departments.

A unique training of empowerment on communication techniques and principles of andragogy

The training in question was part of a cycle of three training sessions for candidates from the cluster’s member associations. This first session was dedicated to “Initiation to training engineering“.

Our trainer Sihem Sehli masterfully led the course, which was held in a pleasant atmosphere of trustworthy and friendly relations between the various participants, most of whom already knew each other. The contributions of the participants showed a real interest in the content delivered by Ms. Sehli, which focused on the following themes: introduction to the training session, communication techniques and the concept of andragogy.

During three days of work, the twenty participants were able to master the theoretical tools of the training course as well as perform oral speeches exercises which were continuously monitored and evaluated by the trainer.

Please note that this training cycle has only just begun, given that the two remaining sessions will be implemented over the next few months!

Following these capacity building sessions, ALDA is planning to organise on-site training sessions in town halls for administrative staff, as well as for elected officials and civil society actors from a range of selected municipalities.