PIECE by PIECE: here is the cornerstone of our project building!

Gen 17, 2022

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights Linked project:

The research paper, aimed at analyzing the needs of communities and community workers in Europe, has been released by the PIECE project’s partners

The research is based on a survey spread out by every partner through their networks; as well as on 25 in-depth interviews. This last analysis brought something new compared to others: the international and cross-sectorial elements.

With this report, the partners tried to understand what are the current needs of community workers to improve their work and enhance the local community participation. Hence, this output highlights both common and different needs amongst European countries and regions, such as:

  • learning practical and educational tools to apply to their work;
  • gaining soft skills and ability to engage further their communities;
  • dealing with important issues (gender, racism, sustainability, etc.), or
  • knowing how to create a safe online community space.

This last research brought something: the international and cross-sectorial elements

Moreover, this theoretical work is a key step within the project. Furthermore, it will be the foundation for the next stages, mainly by raising some difficulties that would be addressed through the creation of training materials and an e-learning platform for the target group.

Finally, the overall objective of PIECE project is to up-skill and empower community workers. This will consequently allow beneficiaries to enhance social inclusion, skills and employability of the people they will train or involve in their activities.

The report can be used by everyone out of the project; it is freely available on the outputs page of the project’s website :

If you want to find out more, have a look at the Facebook page.