Project AVATAR: updates on the digital transition in the Alto Vicentino territory

Gen 21, 2022

Sviluppo territoriale e locale

The AVATAR project – Alto Vicentino Territorial Alliance for Networked Actions, which aims to spread digital literacy in a territory involving some 155,000 inhabitants, has concluded its third semester. During these months, the focus of activities has been on digital literacy to promote the use of public services such as SPID and PA portals, but also to show useful tools in everyday life.

In addition to numerous citizens, the growing participation saw the involvement of PA operators, freelancers and Third Sector organisations. For the latter, important digital tools and strategies were presented, such as:
– crowdfunding
– digital communication and
– cloud systems to manage their activities.

AVATAR project: spreading digital literacy in the Alto Vicentino territory

Thanks to numerous collaborations and the enlargement of the community of interest, AVATAR is constantly enriched with new contents such as the “App Wednesdays” that present useful applications for smartphones to citizens, or the cycle of webinars on digital hot topics such as fake news, infodemics, media literacy.

The year 2022 has already begun full of new collaborations to continue the digital learning process thanks to volunteers who will guide and assist citizens, to future sessions dedicated to change management to meet the challenges posed by digitalisation and with a full calendar of seminars, courses, webinars, meetings to transfer skills and accompany citizens, PA, schools and third sector in the digital transition already underway.

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