Reinforcement of the agriculture cooperation through AFDI’s study visit to North Macedonia

Feb 16, 2011

Sviluppo territoriale e locale Linked project:
Decentralised cooperation

In the framework of the Project for decentralised cooperation BN/MK, FFRM (Farmers’ Federation of North Macedonia) and AFDI (French Farmers for international development) are organising a working visit of the French delegation in Macedonia.

The planned activities for this period, as a part of the project implemented between FFRM and AFDI, will involve visits to the Macedonian farmers, in order to create and develop future trainings and practices.
The representatives from Lower Normandy, Mr. Richard Demuynick and Mr. Jean Louis Loir will spend ten days in several locations in North Macedonia, in the period of 16 to 26 of February. They will visit the farmers and the cooperatives aiming to define the pilot groups of farmers that will cooperate in the future.

During their stay, the delegation will visit the Mayor of Berovo and the manufacturers of dairy products, as well as the sheep breeders in this region. Berovo is the first farmers’ focus group, followed by the cooperative of apple growers from Resen, along with the scheduled meeting with the Mayor of Resen. In the western region of North Macedonia, the delegation will meet another group of dairy manufacturers, but also a group of cereal manufacturers from the Polog region.

During the Prilep visit, on February 24, AFDI will perform a lecture focused on “Global Market Conditions for cereals – price, supply, demand”. The expected number of participants is around 50, mostly cereal manufactures with mill industry capacities from this region.
The Federation will close this working study in Skopje hosting a Balkan conference for “Cooperative Associations”. The conference participants, including the AFDI delegation, will discuss the possibilities for creating cooperative associations. This type of joining can be a foundation for the increase of farming profit in North Macedonia and neighbouring countries, such as Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo…

The cooperation between FFRM and AFDI is component “6 – agriculture” of the Project for decentralised cooperation between Republic of North Macedonia and the Region of Lower Normandy, France. This project is coordinated by the Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA).