Road to the European Elections 2024: the future of European democracy is now!

Gen 18, 2024

EU values and Enlargement

Nearly 450 million citizens will be called upon to elect the Members of the European Parliament in the upcoming European elections which will be held in the 27 EU Member States from 6 to 9 June 2024. The 2024 elections will represent a solemn moment for European citizens who will be able to shape the future of the EU and strengthen democracy by having the opportunity to express their opinions on the topics they care about.

These elections take place every five years and are the largest transnational elections in the world, representing the starting point for the reorganisation of Europe’s governing bodies. 

Elected directly by the voters, the Members of the European Parliament represent the interests of citizens with regard to the EU legislative process and they have the duty to ensure that the other EU institutions operate democratically. Moreover, the EU Parliament shares with the Council the power to adopt and amend legislative proposals and to decide the EU budget, as well as to cooperate with national parliaments to get their inputs and to improve democracy and human rights not only in Europe, but also throughout the world.

As a key actor for the protection and promotion of democracy and citizen engagement at the local level, ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy – is firmly committed to reach out and involve more people in voting by reducing the turnout gap among the EU Member States and empowering their role through tangible initiatives such as the TALE project – Take the Lead in the EU Elections.

ALDA fosters the bedrock of European principles and values, including democracy and active citizens, and encourages individuals to exercise their right to vote

The right to vote is a pivotal freedom of any democracy and an essential part of the development of civil society at all levels. Therefore, the more people vote, the stronger democracy becomes. 

Voting will decide which Members of the EU Parliament will represent you in preparing new laws that affect multiple areas of everyday life such as security, migration, environment, social policies, consumer rights, economy, rule of law and many more.

The elections will also be a moment of reflection on the initiatives and improvements made by the European Institutions to foster the participation of citizens and young people in the European decision-making process (see, for example, the Conference on the Future of Europe).

Following its vocation, ALDA promotes the bedrock of European principles and values, including democracy and active citizens, and encourages individuals to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming elections. 

In order to achieve a resilient and accountable democracy, access to reliable information before voting is a tipping point. Diversifying your sources, accessing national and institutional fact-checking, following international news and independent observatories such as the EDMO will help you tackle disinformation and misinformation online down, ensuring EU values safeguard. Furthermore, the EU Parliament has introduced a dedicated website for upcoming elections to keep citizens informed with reliable content, featuring daily updates.

Voting, civic engagement and participation in the democratic process are cornerstones for rewriting the future of Europe and ALDA will carry forward its diligence responsibility to protect and promote EU values and good governance. 

Stay tuned for our updates on the upcoming EU elections 2024!