A new place for THE:PLACE programme: showcasing projects on EU-Turkish and CSO-LA collaboration

Dic 18, 2023

Good governance

THE:PLACE is a collaborative exchange program designed to establish enduring networks between Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Local Authorities(LAs) in Türkiye and the European Union. Managed by ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy and MAD – Mekanda Adalet Derneği and supported by the Mercator Foundation the program empowers its participants through capacity-building activities and grant support for for co-designed, exchange-based projects.

In the first round of the programme concluded in October 2023, 6 EU and 6 Turkish CSOs have engaged in partnerships to implement exchange projects. Watch the videos about them down below!

This is THE:PLACE to share the lessons learnt, the outputs and methodology that have been produced throughout the projects, and we hope that they can be of good use for you.

And what more? THE:PLACE has a whole new virtual space: we invite you to visit the new program webpage hosted by MAD at this link to get to know the programme better

In the next few months, the next 8 EU and 8 Turkish CSOs involved in the programme will develop new, exciting collaborations to promote better cooperation with local authorities: you will be able to know more by following the page and our social media accounts.

This must be THE:PLACE!