The Place to Be is in Vicenza!

Ott 27, 2020

Gender, Inclusion & Human rights

Among the several participatory processes ALDA is implementing throughout Europe, a special place is taken by the project carrying on within our very neighborhood in Vicenza (Italy): the “Spark” (Scintilla) project.

Started in April 2019 with the objective of regenerating the urban area surrounding the train station, the so-called “Viale Milano area”, the project enters now a new phase. Thanks to the active involvement of a wide group of citizens, in only one-year time we succeeded in achieving a participatory process, which shed light on the priorities and served to identify the immediate and practical actions to start the transformation of the area.

On September 25th, a dedicated event was organised to present the second stage of the project, called “The Place to Be”, which inaugurates a whole set of activities to give a new impulse to the whole neighbourhood and a renewed alliance between the Neighbourhood, its citizens and the local administration. Part of a street (Via Napoli) was closed to traffic and an outdoor party was arranged, accompanied by great food and sound music, all in compliance with the anti-covid19 regulations in place.

“The Place to Be” will transform the Viale Milano area into a greener and friendly hood

Among the proposed actions, the “Place to be” will transform the Viale Milano area into a greener and friendly hood with spaces dedicated to coworking and smart businesses, entrepreneurs, play areas for families and children, as well as a general greenwashing of the district. As a result, the event was sold-out, and it was very much appreciated by the whole citizenry.

A special thanks to the local administration, associations, and all the single citizens who contributed to its successful outcome!