Dissemination and training: ALDA+ showcases its expertise on Fundraising and NON-EU funding

Increase your knowledge on Fundraising with the ad-hoc training course provided by ALDA+ to its members  

Ноя 24, 2023

Good governance

ALDA+, the benefit corporation owned by ALDA — the Association for Local Democracy, continues its commitment to providing training and technical assistance globally, targeting diverse stakeholders, including local authorities and civil society.

Indeed, on 15 November 2023, a workshop titled “Fundraising and NON-EU Funding” was held in Prague (Czech Republic), with the aim of exploring and improving understanding of fundraising from private donors and showing best practices for effective collaboration.

Hosted by the Agora Central Europe Association — a civic organisation fostering communication between local governments, central government bodies and citizens — (#ALDAmember) the training served as a platform to learn techniques for monitoring relevant resources and preparing successful projects.

Throughout the session, several practical examples illustrated how partnerships can serve as gateways to new ideas, projects, collaborations, and growth.

Support of civil society, capacity building and skills promotion are core elements of ALDA and ALDA+

During the event, Mr. Marco Boaria, CEO of ALDA+ and Director of programmes and corporate strategy in ALDA, shared the Association’s experience in fundraising and non-EU funding strategies, focusing on the key phases of the process:

  • Preliminary scouting: analysing databases and newsletters
  • Monitoring: developing an action plan
  • Approach of potential donors: studying, initiating contact, first submission, and feedback
  • Drafting a strategy: outlining the project’s timeframe, activities, budget, support, and attractiveness

The workshop not only offered insights into these phases but also provided participants with tips, considerations, and project examples in order to facilitate the learning process.

The support of civil society, capacity building and skills promotion remain at the core of ALDA and ALDA+ mission.

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