In Tunisia to meet colleagues and local representatives

Окт 16, 2021

Good governance

Tunisia welcomed ALDA Secretary General during one of her latest tours in October 2021. Thus, on October 8th, Antonella Valmorbida travelled to Kairouan, meeting Afaf Zaddem, Statutory Member of the Governing Board and Delegate of the Local Democracy Agency (ADL) in the city; together with Monua Alouini, Project Assistant, and Abdealaziz Bouslah, colleague and Project Manager from the Tunis office. With great enthusiasm and joy in seeing each other after a long time, the occasion served as a moment to reflect and analyse the achievements of the LDA and the future steps.

Similarly, ALDA Secretary General took time to talk and discuss with colleagues from the AUTREMENT project, while visiting the office, and sharing with Younes Aggoun, head of the mission, Kenza Yusfi, communication officer, and  Fatma Mnif, logistic and financial officer, on the implementation and progress of the project itself. Focusing on slow mobility in Tunisia, AUTREMENT project launched several initiatives in 2021, such as the bike parade, and this meeting was the perfect opportunity to discuss the project’s future events.

Together in developing democracy in Tunisia, in Europe and beyond

Yet, the day proceeded with lunch with the Municipality of Kairouan. Together with ALDA colleague Abdealaziz Bouslah, Antonella Valmorbida met Radhouen Bouden, President of the Municipal Council of Kairouan. Thus, the city not only is involved in ALDA projects, as the one mentioned before, but it also hosts one of the 16 LDAs. Therefore, it represents a key place in Tunisia, as also discussed among the three.

Last but not least, even though only for few hours, meeting old and new colleagues, representatives of the municipality and LDA gave to ALDA a new-found sense of community and belonging, together in developing democracy in Tunisia, in Europe and beyond

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