Innovation in construction sites


ICONS responds to the skills gap between professionals and non-professionals involved in the implementation of the Building Information Modeling (BIM), by empowering the latter in understanding BIM-designed projects through specific training modules and the support of a specifically designed APP.

ICONS’ action plan includes the consolidation of strategic and operational cooperation between actors within the construction sector, as well as the maximiSation of communication flow between designers, site managers and blue collar workers.


ICONS aims to improve the working quality in the construction sector by increasing the workers’ digital skills and BIM knowledge and, consequently, to promote the productivity and sustainability of the construction sector in Europe.

Specifically, the goal of the project is to create a tailor-made training course and a digital APP, in order to translate the highly technical and complex set of information that is contained in a BIM structure into a modality which can be read, understood and easily processed by non-professionals.