Providing energy equipment to Ukraine: the European Committee of the Regions calls for cities and regions

Dic 13, 2022

Sviluppo territoriale e locale

[Joint appeal by the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) and the European Commission] 

Civilian infrastructures, residential places have been the targeted of the recent Russian attacks: this means that Ukraine is now suffering from energy shortage, which, in other words, further affect people’s lives.

Winter is no longer at the doors; it is already in the streets of Kyiv and many other cities. People do not have enough electricity, heating and even water, thus making the humanitarian situation more sensitive and urgent. Hence, as recently reported in the letter from the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) “the energy network is only able to cover 70% of peak demand power

Constantly in touch with the delegates from the LDAs in Dnipro and Mariupol, ALDA is very much aware of the on-going situation, and it calls its members and partners to further reiterate support for Ukraine.  Specifically in this context, ALDA has worked hand in hand with the City of Gdansk to stimulate a cohesive and united action to contribute to the Ukrainian cause.

“The energy network is only able to cover 70% of peak demand power” – letter from the European Committee of the Regions – CoR

By also being among the partner of the LDA Mariupol, the City Mayor, Ms.Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, holds now the position of Chair of the WG Ukraine, calling “once again, European local governments […] to show how solidary and determined they are to help in a just cause.”

Not only the CoR and the WG Ukraine, but also the Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms; together with the Commissioner for Crisis Management Committee of the Regions, have launched a call to address the shortages of power and electricity. “I am convinced” – continued Dulkiewicz – “that our call will not remain unanswered, and we will once more show the strength of the European community. Let us offer our Ukrainian friends not only moral support, but also concrete help by providing generators and energy equipment to Ukraine to help them survive the winter.”

Overall, always committed to the restoration of peace, ALDA welcomes the creation of the “rescEU energy hub” in Poland, which is meant to receive and forward the donation to Ukraine; and support the European Commission, among the most prominent international actor in this framework, invitation for everyone to make its contribution and contact the ECHO Donation unit.