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Primo bando sotto il progetto Food Wave, conclusa la prima fase


La prima fase di bando rivolto ai giovani e alle piccole organizzazioni della società civile è giunta al termine. Prima di entrare nei dettagli, poche informazioni sul progetto stesso.

I Progetto Food Wave – co-funded by the EU under the Development Education and Awareness Raising Programme (DEAR) and promoted by the Municipality of Milan together with ActionAid Italia, ACRA, Mani Tese and 25 project partners in 17 countries, including ALDA – aims at creating awareness on sustainable patterns of food consumption and production for climate change mitigation, activating young people and enabling them to influence institutional decisions.

Under the coordination of the European Association for Local Democracy – ALDA, a sub-granting scheme was established with the aim to support grassroot initiatives and street actions in the field of climate-friendly food consumption behaviors. The grants focused on street actions that can produce specific results and that will stand as examples and inspiration for citizens, NGOs, and Local Authorities (LAs) on how to generate constructive and result-oriented activities.

Il bando è stato stabilito con l'obiettivo di sostenere iniziative di base e azioni di strada nel campo dei comportamenti di consumo alimentare rispettosi del clima

Più specificamente, le sovvenzioni erano rivolte ad azioni concrete come: conoscere i produttori locali e i mercati locali; seguire diete sostenibili per ridurre l'impatto sul pianeta e proteggere i diritti umani; creare sistemi alimentari locali alternativi. E ancora, la lotta contro lo spreco alimentare; l'educazione alimentare più sostenibile e la diffusione della condivisione delle conoscenze per la lotta contro il cambiamento climatico; l'accesso equo al cibo sano e più sostenibile e giusto.

I beneficiari di questo primo round del bando di Food Wave sono state 21 organizzazioni giovanili di 13 paesi diversi, le cui iniziative hanno coinvolto 25 territori e più di 6.000 giovani. Tutti i sub-borsisti sono stati testimoni di un bilancio positivo dei progetti e di un coinvolgimento locale e territoriale attivo, soprattutto dei giovani e delle loro famiglie, mai sperimentato prima!

Tuttavia, questa non è la fine del progetto, al contrario ha segnato l'inizio di un sistema di bandi di Food Wave: il secondo bando sta per essere lanciato nel 2022 e coinvolgerà gli Enti Locali. Stay Tuned!


I 21 beneficiari del 2021 Food Wave Sub Granting scheme sono stati:

  1. Bx -Jeunes ASBL (Belgio - 1080 Brussels - Molenbeek)
  2. JCI Brugge vzw (Belgio, Bruges)
  3. Reflektor Foundation (Bulgaria, Sofia)
  4. Mar de Tierras (Spagna, Regione di Madrid)
  5. Stamtish (Francia, Strasburgo e il territorio limitrofo)
  6. Coordination of Sisak’s Youth Associations (Koordinacija udruga mladih Siska K.U.M.S.) (Croazia, contea di Sisak-Moslavina, città di Sisak)
  7. Felelős Gasztrohős Alapítvány -Heroes of Responsible Dining Foundation (Ungheria, Budapest)
  8. Recup – Associazione di Promozione Sociale (Italia, Milano)
  9. YOUth Connect (Italia, Torino (con attività online internazionali))
  10. Associazione di Promozione Sociale Laboratorio di Quartiere Giambellino Lorenteggio (Italia, Milano)
  11. Associazione Italiana Giovani per l’UNESCO (Italia: Aosta (Aosta); Assisi (Perugia); Orvieto (Terni); Riva del Garda (Trento); Larino (Campobasso); Termoli (Campobasso)
  12. CHANGE FOR PLANET – YOUTH IN ACTION – APS (Italia, Milano e Firenze)
  13. Stichting ‘n Wilde Keuze (Foundation A Wild Choice), (Olanda)
  14. Stichting Slow Food Youth Network (Italia (Milano, Torino e Roma), UK (Edimburgo e Glasgow), Olanda (Almere, Utrecht), Belgio (Molenbeek))
  15. Polski Klub Ekologiczny Okręg Pomorski (Polonia, Varsavia)
  16. Associação Juvenil Rota Jovem (Portogallo, Cascais Lisbona)
  17. Rio Neiva - Associação de Defesa do Ambiente / Rio Neiva – ONG Ambientale (Portogallo, Esposende)
  19. Hello Youth (Svezia, Örkelljunga)
  20. Entrepreneurial educational youth cooperative society EPEKA, ULTD, impresa sociale (Slovenia, Maribor)
  21. Komunikum, Inštitut za podatkovno povezovanje v medmrežju (Slovenia, Lubiana)


Winter Greetings & Happy New Year from ALDA


Winter Greeting and Happy New Year from ALDA President, Mr. Oriano Otočan, ALDA Secretary General Mrs Valmorbida and all the ALDA team!
As every December, it is time to stop for a second and look back at what has been done during the last 12 months. A year full of initiatives, meetings and events that give great energy for the upcoming 2022.


“Dear Members, Partners and Friends of ALDA, behalf of the whole team of ALDA, its Governing Board and all the LDAs, let me wish you all the best Winter Holidays that 2021 can offer to all of us!” – stated our President Mr Oriano Otočan  at the beginning to its letter.

“The year about to end has been a unique one – continued Mr. Otočan –  with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis still challenging deeply the implementation of our activities and everyday work all around Europe and beyond. Many of you have faced difficulties in the management of the crisis, from the economic to the social and cultural point of view. It is the reason why our support towards local communities has been more important than ever.

This year more than ever, our goal has been to connect our network of local communities and actors from Europe and beyond, deeply convinced that only together, by sharing ideas and by working together, we will overcome the complex challenges of our time. In this regard, we also launched a series of new opportunities for our members, among which the working groups, giving the opportunity to share, cooperate and shape together the future of our Association and of Europe as well.

Despite difficulties in the phase out this global pandemic, that deeply affected the life of all of us, we are ready to do our part to protect the more vulnerable ones and to approach ourselves to 2022 with renewed energy to finally come back to a new-form of “normality”, enriched by all the thoughts and challenges we all together faced in the past 2 years.

I wish also to use this opportunity to remember our dear friends and colleagues Sasa Marinkov, delegate of the Local Democracy Agency Central-Southern Serbia, and Victor Cotruta, Eastern Partnership Project Coordinator, that left us this year. Friends that we would truly remember and adore till the end of days.

"Let me wish you all the best Winter Holidays that 2021 can offer to all of us!" - Mr Otočan - ALDA President

As said, the year(s) behind us were not easy. Yet, besides challenges, they were also full of opportunities to prove the importance of mutual support that only the global community, composed by the local communities all over the globe, can provide. That is the core of ALDA, the core value of all of us: local communities working for a global sustainable change, towards a better future for all the human beings and for our planet as well!

Last but not least, – concluded Mr. Otočan –  I wish everyone all the best!  I wish you a better, calmer, safer and happier 2022!”


Similarly, Mrs. Antonella Valmorbida, ALDA Secretary General wished to the network and friends of the association warm winter greetings and happy New Year, and willing to see each other soon in 2022.

Play the video and listen Mrs. Valmorbida’s winter greetings in Italian, French or Russian


Online fake news and local democracy: The final international event of the DIGITAL project

From 17 to 19 November 2021, the 5th and final event of the DIGITAL project – Supporting Democratic Union and Active Citizenship in Digital Era  – took place in Madrid, Spain. The event entitled “Fake news: How to counter the fake news and disinformation that spread online?” was held both online and offline and offered the possibility to debate and share opinions on topics such as the impact of digitalization, the future of the European Union, and the place of citizens in this digital transformation. For ALDA it was attended by Elisabetta Uroni, Head of the Communication Department.

I DIGITAL project is led by the Federation of Municipalities of Madrid (FMM) and financed by the Europe for Citizens Programme. Its aim was to assemble policymakers and citizens from 15 European countries to enhance democratic and civic participation across Europe.

The first day of the event focused on the proliferation of fake news in the digital age and included interventions by José Antonio Sánchez Serrano, the Deputy Minister of Local Administration and Digitization of the Community of Madrid, and Cristina Moreno Moreno, the General Manager of FMM. In addition, conclusions were drawn from the previous international events, including through interactive sessions.

The event focused on the proliferation of fake news in the digital age; the effects on on local democracy  and on digital transition

The second day focused on issues such as the effects of fake news on local democracy with speakers José Manuel Hoyo, the Mayor of Brunete and Vice President of the Information Society Commission, Alfredo García-Plata, the Mayor of Torrelodones and Member of the Information Society Commission, Jorge Alberto Campos, the Mayor of Paracuellos del Jarama and Member of the Governing Board FMM, and Asensio Martínez Agraz, the Mayor of Sevilla la Nueva and Member of the Governing Board of the FMM. Furthermore, strategies, methods, and techniques in the fight against fake news were discussed together with Francisco Serrato di The Objective, Vincenzo Tiani, Advisory expert in Digital Policies and professor at the IULM University (Milan), Andrés Jiménez, the MALDITO BULO Coordinator, and an expert from NEWTRAL. The day closed with an interactive session on good local practices with regard to fake news.

The third day started with a round table discussion on best practices that make a significant contribution to the “digital transition” at EU level, presented by Cristina Moreno Moreno and featuring Myrian Redondo from VerificaRTVE. This was followed by a presentation of the conclusions of the teamwork of day 2 and the closing session.

The event provided an important forum for analyzing and discussing the issue of fake news and its impact on local democracy from a variety of perspectives. It brought together a number of experts and stakeholders but also allowed citizens to actively participate.


Ritorno al futuro! I prossimi passi di PART-Y per il 2022


Il 2022 porterà nuovi passi e attività per il Progetto PART-Y! Vediamoli insieme.

Kallipolis, the lead partner, will be developing the second intellectual output of the project, namely a Learning Methodology of Placemaking by Design Thinking, aimed at reshaping design thinking by applying it to the placemaking of urban spaces, with a view to guaranteeing equal access and use to girls and boys.

Allo stesso modo, i partner continueranno a fare formazione per conoscer meglio il metodo e la tecnica del "design thinking". Nel frattempo, alcuni eventi nazionali e internazionali permetteranno ai partner di presentare al pubblico i prodotti e i risultati del progetto.

Ma cosa è stato fatto finora? Nonostante la pandemia COVID-19, il 2021 è stato un anno pieno di attività per il progetto PART-Y.

Il 2022 porterà nuovi passi e attività per il progetto PART-Y

After an online kick-off meeting in March, the eight partners met each other three times for management and trainings where they learnt more about placemaking and gender equal cities via study visits. Due to the health crisis, the meetings have been done online. Nevertheless, the partners have been able to meet face-to-face for the first time in Madrid in October 2021.

Inoltre, sono state organizzate attività nei centri giovanili dei comuni di Trieste e Capodistria. Nello specifico, questi workshop saranno utilizzati per implementare e testare le metodologie studiate durante i corsi di formazione; permettendo ai partner di raccogliere le sensazioni dei giovani sulle loro opportunità di giocare un ruolo chiave nei progetti di placemaking.

From its end, ALDA wrote the first project’s intellectual output: the Toolkit to Build a Communication Campaign for a Young and Inclusive Placemaking addressed to youth and municipalities seeking to be involved in placemaking actions. The output has been disseminated during the one-month PART-Y Street Art Festival hosted in Trieste, Italy.

Ultimo ma non meno importante, in ottobre, i partner hanno avuto la grande opportunità di presentare i primi risultati del progetto e il Toolkit durante la Settimana dell'Unione Europea delle Regioni e delle Città del 2021 (vedi il nostro precedente articolo ).

Sulla base di queste iniziative, il 2022 sarà ancora meglio, e i partner PART-Y sono pronti a iniziare il nuovo anno con grande energia!


Segui il progetto sui social media:

[MANUALE DI PART-Y - Presto disponibile
PART-Y TOOLBOX - Presto disponibile]

Nuovo accreditamento per ALDA che porta ELoGE in Kosovo

After the first steps of the programme in Croatia and North Macedonia, ALDA was awarded with the accreditation to implement the European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE) in Kosovo*.

In the next 2 years, ALDA will implement the ELoGE assessment of around 15-20 municipalities in Kosovo* and work with them to be able to understand and apply good democratic practices. They will also facilitate and monitor the process of the implementation of the 12 principles of good democratic governance as outlined by ELoGE and spread awareness among authority figures.

This project will last for a 2-year period, starting the activities in January 2022 and ending-up in November 2023.

From January 2022, ALDA will contribute delivering better local governance for citizens of Kosovo*

Previously, ALDA received the accreditation to be able to implement ELoGE in Croatia and North Macedonia, which was a precursor for the work in Kosovo* and another step in the greater ambition for the Western Balkans. Along with that, recently on September 28th, the Secretary General of ALDA, Antonella Valmorbida, visited Kosovo* in order to create a proposal for the support of local governance, encourage and facilitate capacity building, and grow regional cooperation in the Country and the rest of the Balkans. Important factors are the promotion of good management of EU funds and the promotion of Programmi dell'UE.

Strong of this further accreditation, ALDA is excited and committed to supporting local government and EU integration ambitions in Kosovo*.  Through the implementation of the principles of the ELoGE programme, ALDA will contribute to deliver better local governance for citizens.

Why the ELoGE? The ELoGE evaluation allows local authorities to understand their strengths and their weaknesses when providing public services to the local community and exercising public authority. To improve the quality of local governance, local authorities can use various tools developed by the Centre of Expertise and take inspiration from their colleagues’ best practices.


Read more about:


Towards the creation of an online course for professors teaching students from migrant backgrounds!


This month, ALDA welcomed the partners of the DEVOTE project (Developing the Competencies of Teachers to Integrate Students from Migrant Background into European Schools) in Strasbourg in order to work together on the development of the online course foreseen by the project. In addition, the consortium discussed the sustainability of the project, especially after its completion, while having preliminary discussions on the Community of Educators. The latter will be created for teachers to support each other;  and exchange good practices. Of course participants took some informal time to discover Strasbourg and its Christmas sparkle!

Promote the "Whole School Approach", to set up an assessment of students with migrant backgrounds and to learn from good practices

Da una prospettiva più generale, il il progetto aims to strengthen the integration of students with migrant backgrounds in schools and improve their success in education by providing training, coaching and guidance to teachers equipping school leaders and educators with the necessary skills and innovative tools to support secondary students in the process, strengthening collaboration between schools, families, and other external stakeholders.

To this end, at the core of the project is the creation of a brand new online course for teachers to strengthen their approach towards language support, parental support, psycho-social support, but also to enable them to promote the Whole School Approach, to set up an assessment of students with migrant backgrounds and to learn from good practices already used across Europe.

The course, currently under development, brings together the expertise of 5 project partners (4 associations and 2 universities) with complementary expertise on issues related to inclusion, support for migrant populations, education and digital training.

The meeting in Strasbourg was a necessary step to discuss the technical development of the platform, the content of the modules, the evaluation of the learners: The online course is expected to be available in 2022!


Earth Guardians: call for the 2022 edition of /e.mò.ti.con/ illustrate emotion


Is online the call for the 2022 edition di /e.mò.ti.con/ illustrate emotion entitled Earth Guardians and dedicated to human being’s role as guardian of the planet.

Are you an illustrator (professional, non-professional, student) of any nationality, aged up to 35 years? Apply!

/e.mò.ti.con/ illustrate emotion – Earth Guardian; is realised within the project CAPPERI Common Agricultural Policy Peer Education Resources in Italy, co-financed by the Unione Europea programme IMCAP (Information Measures relating to the Common Agricultural Policy Programme) and realised by ALDA Associazione Europea per la democrazia locale (coordinator) together with:

Among the works sent by the authors participating in the call, the jury of experts will select the finalist illustrations (minimum 10) that will be displayed in the exhibition /e.mò.ti.con/ 2022. Thanks to CAPPERI/e.mò.ti.còn/ is five times bigger: in fact, there will be many Italian cities, headquarters of the project partners, where the exhibition will be held next spring-summer: Vicenza, Milan, Rome, Mesagne and Palermo.

A variable number of winning illustrations will then be selected among the finalist illustrations, which will be featured in the communication campaigns of La Piccionaia’s theatre programs dedicated to the younger generations, childhood and families

Informazioni utili:

This call for applications expires at 11 p.m. on March 31st, 2022.
Each illustrator must submit at least 2 different, original and preferably unpublished illustrations.
In the case of illustrations that have already been published, the participant must specify in which context the publication took place.

Check the call

Download the call in pdf
Check the application form


"Post-catastrophic cities in a comparative perspective": interpretation in Europe and abroad


The event “Post-catastrophic cities in a comparative perspective” supported by the program Normandy for peace, was held on a hybrid format the 13' of December 2021 in Skopje, North Macedonia.

This gathering was an opportunity to hear on various interpretation on post-catastrophic cities in Europe and abroad. Experts were able to present their researches on the destruction and the reconstruction of cities.

Ms. Stefanie Dupont from the “General inventory of cultural heritage” office of the region Normandy, presented the label “Heritage of Reconstruction in Normandy”, created by the same region to protect its cities’ heritage after its the rebuilding due to WWII. Mr. Gruia Badescu from the University of Konstanz brought many examples of European and non-European cities, like Bucharest or Mostar, which were rebuilt after being destroyed.

An opportunity to hear on various interpretation on post-catastrophic cities in Europe and abroad

Finally, Naum Trajanovski, from the Polish Academy of Sciences presented the book “Skopje’s earthquake in 1963 and its post-seism reconstruction: Personal testimonies”, written as part of the project “Skopje’s 1963 earthquake, memories, identities and actions”.

The event is a part of the project “Skopje’s 1963 earthquake, memories, identities and actions” implanted by CINIK – Center of research for nationalism and culture, and is supported by the Ministry of culture of North Macedonia, ALDA and the program Normandy for peace of the region Normandy.

Read the news in Macedonian/ Lire la nouvelle en macédonien