Last call for the International Master programme in Climate Change and Diversity: Sustainable Territorial Development!

If you are interested in topics like climate change, sustainability and diversity, and you would like to explore other countries while studying, you should take a look at the Master course in Climate Change and Diversity: Sustainable Territorial Development (CCD- STeDe), within which ALDA has been partners since 2014!

STeDe prepares researchers and professionals to be able to help organisations acting in the territory, be they enterprises, local communities, civil society organisations or public administrations to draft sustainable development policies for adaptation to climate change combining economic, social, environmental, international and intercultural dimensions.

Hence, the Master programme is organised in four semesters, three of which foresee a period of international mobility in several countries all around the world.

Students can choose among four academic paths, which combine different languages and flexible teaching modalities; face-to-face, online and blended. More specifically, the courses are developed as follow:

  • Climate change, sustainability, development at University of Padova and Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar – Sede Ecuador 
  • Regional and local studies at University of Padova and University of Madeira
  • Territorial management at University of Padova and Université Joseph Ki-Zerbo 
  • Environmental Management at University of Padova and University of Johannesburg

CCD-STeDe is a world leading programme in the field of sustainable territorial development in the context of climate justice. This Master course is aimed at training researchers and professionals to support organisations acting in the territory and to draft sustainable development and climate adaptation policies for economic, social, environmental, international and intercultural management. 

Applications close on June 7, 2022. For those interested in joining the Master, please check the official website 


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Read or download our Newsletter



GEM IN National Stakeholder Advisory Committee

Within the GEM IN, a stakeholder advisory committee was established in France by ALDA in 2022 to provide advice during the piloting and further adaptation of the GEM IN educational programme in formal and non-formal educational environments. The Committee France included 3 members (1 educational stakeholder, 1 non-formal education stakeholder and 1 stakeholder in the field of policy-making) and had for objective to provide inputs and feedbacks on whether the project is reaching its objectives and results and contribute to the development of future exploitation opportunities of the GEM IN educational programme through their direct experience and knowledge.

The first meeting on 8' of February was held online and counted with the participation of representatives from several French actors in the field of cultural and non-formal education. This meeting allowed members to get acquainted with the project and the tools developed, especially the educational framework and the game to be used as an educational resource by all interested parties. An explanation of all the steps that were taken to create the game and its contents, keeping in mind the values and the methodology, was presented in addition to the rules of the game.

Stakeholder advisory committee: established  to provide advice during the piloting and further adaptation of the GEM IN educational programme

During the second meeting on 25th of April 2022, members discussed the results of the piloting phase organised in the five other countries of the project. Following this presentation and the general conclusions from the piloting, a reflection on the method “learning by playing” including example used by ALDA and the members of the Committee was conducted. This resulted in a discussion on the recommendations that were drafted in the operational pack and comments from the members of the Committee, receiving positive feedback, indicating that there was a clear understanding of the current situation of intercultural education and the lack of resources for teachers and educators.

The meeting was concluded by inviting members to attend and participate actively in the Final Conference in Strasbourg on the 5th of May 2022.

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Climate of Change: join the sub-granting call (focus: Belgium)

Are you a Belgian youth association who is sensitive to raising awareness on the effects of climate change and understanding the links with migration?

We are looking for you! Lead the change and participate in our call for proposals with your project idea!

La Climate of Change project – co-funded by the EU under the Programma di educazione e sensibilizzazione allo sviluppo (DEAR) and promoted by the italian NGO WeWorld-GVC together with 16 project partners in 13 countries, including ALDA – will support grass-root initiatives in the field of raising awareness on youth role in fighting climate change and involve smaller youth organizations based in France interested in joining the action but lacking the necessary means to do so.

What is the main objective of the call of proposal?

The project will support actions developed by youth organisations in Belgium committed in the field of environmental awareness raising, especially climate change induced migration, and targeting young people (15-35 years old).

What is the main objective of the call of proposal?

Any submitted proposal must be of max 5.000 EUR. Each applicant will benefit from a financing of 70% of the total of the action up to a maximum of 3.500 Eur. The remaining 30% of the action (a minimum of 1.500 Eur) will be provided by each applicant as co-funding. The financing and co-financing % always remain the same even if the overall cost of the proposed action is lower than 5.000 EUR. The general action carried out by the Applicant can be higher than 5.000 EUR, but in this case the remaining budget of the overall costs of the proposal will be covered with the Applicant’s own financial resources.

Sub-granting call will be open until 19 June 2022

Qual è il focus tematico?

Each proposed action needs to address the nexus between climate change and induced migration! Different types of activities can be eligible for the sub grant: communication activities, promotion and dissemination activities, awareness raising activities, training and learning-by-doing activities, art projects and initiatives, etc.

One activity will be compulsory  which is the promotion of the Climate of Change petition in all organised activities by the applicant until the end of October 2022 (the end of the petition period).

Dove può essere realizzato il progetto?

Activities must take place in Belgium.

Come fare domanda?

Read the full call for proposals to have more information about the call and how to apply! The call will be open from May 19th,2022 to June 19th,2022.


All the questions related to the present call for proposals and the participation modalities have to be addressed to the project manger Célia C.




Bando per offerte

Annex A – Application form

Annex B – Budget proposal

Annex C – Frequently asked questions

Annex D – Human economy report (English only)

Annex E – Campaign guide #ClimateOfChange (English only)


PART-Y at the New European Bauhaus Festival

The Part-Y project has been selected to be part of the FAIR Mobile Exhibition fleet for the New European Bauhaus Festival and we could not be more excited! Come and meet us on the stand to exchange with us on placemaking, urban planning and discover our manuale per supportare i giovani nelle attività di placemaking!! 


About the Festival

The festival will take place from the 9th to 12th of June and it will spread its activities all over the EU. The Part-Y project will participate in the heart of the festival, in Brussels, where we will share our spot with over 30 artistic & cultural performances, more than 100 projects and prototypes and 55 side events.

The Part-Y project will participate in the heart of the New European Bauhaus Festival, in Brussels

The New European Bauhaus is a cultural, human-centered, positive and tangible experience for everyone, promoting the transformation and adaptation of our cities all around Europe. The Festival’s main themes are beauty, sustainability and inclusiveness. It will feature debates, great speakers, artistic performances, exhibitions and networking opportunities. It aims to build connections between different activities and individuals, bridging the worlds of research, science and technology, to those of education and civil engagement, and of art, culture and architecture.

The event will be divided into two main phases: there will be the Fest, which will include performances and the exchange of ideas across Brussels and it is where you will find us, and the Forum, which consists of a series of the debates on the Green deal, education, regional development and other key issues. 

Come aderire?

You can join the event both online and onsite, so don’t miss out and register QUI.

Non perdetevi le prossime attività del progetto PART-Y seguendoci sui social media: 

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Sremski Karlovci

Sremski Karlovci ha accolto i partner del progetto DESIRE!

Dall'8 all'11 maggio, Danubio 1245 e la splendida città di Sremski Karlovci hanno accolto i partner europei del progetto DESIRE.

In occasione della Giornata dell'Europa, i partner del progetto DESIRE si sono riuniti per la prima volta faccia a faccia dopo l'avvio del progetto alla fine del 2020, durante la pandemia COVID19. Questo evento internazionale è stato l'occasione per presentare il lavoro e le attività svolte da ciascun partner. Tutti i partner hanno proposto idee creative e innovative per parlare dell'Unione Europea, del suo valore e soprattutto della Dichiarazione di Schuman. L'obiettivo era quello di coinvolgere attivamente i giovani nell'approccio alla storia in modo proattivo.

Sremski Karlovci ha dato il benvenuto ai partner europei del progetto DESIRE

Attraverso la co-creazione di strumenti artistici, come video, teatro, giochi, narrazioni audio, i partner hanno accompagnato gruppi di giovani cittadini nella riscoperta della storia e nel dibattito sui valori dell'UE come il dialogo interculturale, la pace e la solidarietà.

Pur partendo da Paesi diversi, condividiamo un patrimonio e dei valori comuni. Scoprite il lavoro svolto dai partner sul sito web di DESIRE e sul canale Youtube di DESIRE. Date un'occhiata e lasciatevi ispirare!


Il progetto DESIRE

DEclaration of Schuman: Initiative for Revitalizing Europe (DESIRE) è un progetto finanziato da Europa per i Cittadini. Il progetto mira a sensibilizzare le persone e soprattutto i giovani sull'importanza storica e sul significato della Dichiarazione di Schuman per l'UE. Il consorzio è guidato dal Comune di Lavarone (Italia) e composto da Fondazione Belvedere-Gschwent (Italia), Unione degli enti locali bulgari del Mar Nero (Bulgaria), Municipio de Valongo (Portogallo), Danubio 1245 (Serbia), Zdruzenie Institut za razvoj na zaednicata (Ex Repubblica Jugoslava di Macedonia), Administration Communale de Grez-Doiceau (Belgio), Fundacio de la Comunitat Valencia de Patrimoni Insdustrial i (Spagna), Kulturni centar Osijek (Croatia), ALDA (Francia).


Per ulteriori informazioni sul progetto, contattare


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Programma di sostegno alle Agenzie della Democrazia Locale e sostegno alle Agenzie della Democrazia Locale in Ucraina

Agire a livello locale, stabilire connessioni con i cittadini, ascoltare i bisogni delle persone è sempre stato al centro dell'impegno di ALDA nell'implementazione della democrazia, del cambiamento e della partecipazione.

In un periodo di incertezza, in cui sono in gioco la tutela dei diritti umani e la sovranità degli Stati, mentre l'assetto democratico internazionale è sotto pressione, l'Associazione è pronta a investire ulteriormente le proprie energie e a sottolineare il proprio impegno per garantire la salvaguardia dei diritti e delle libertà.

L'attuale guerra in Ucraina sta spingendo le istituzioni, le OSC e gli attori internazionali a intraprendere azioni concrete: ALDA sta facendo la sua parte. Per questo, nell'ambito della sua Assemblea generale, che si è svolta a Strasburgo il 6 maggio 2022, l'Associazione ha approvato il documento "Agenzie della democrazia locale: Uno strumento potente per sostenere le comunità colpite dalle crisi e dalla guerra"

"Agenzie della democrazia locale: Uno strumento potente per sostenere le comunità colpite dalle crisi e dalla guerra"

Thus, ALDA not only strongly believes in the power of acting locally; but also it is based on the daily relations with the Local Democracy Agencies. The latter, specifically, were created, as a programme, by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, already in 1993 to support the community of their own Countries.

Più concretamente, a partire da questo documento, ALDA chiede a tutta la comunità di sostenere le Agenzie della Democrazia Locale come strumento di democrazia locale, pace e resilienza; in particolare quelle di Mariupol e Dnipro coinvolgendole in progetti e attività in modo che, come effetto di ricaduta, aiutino e sostengano le persone nel Paese. Allo stesso tempo, l'Associazione sostiene la possibilità di aprire altre ADL a Odessa e Vinnitza o in altre aree dell' Ucraina.

Qual è il prossimo passo? ALDA ha già organizzato una conferenza per raccogliere il sostegno delle nostre ADL il 22 giugno, per incontrarsi e trasformare ulteriormente in fatti ciò che è stato approvato e sostenere persone, colleghi e amici in Ucraina.


Participatory Democracy in Algeria – A specialised training for Administrative Units

ALDA’s action in Algeria goes on: after the successful past experiences in delivering training-courses on good governance and citizens involvement, ALDA Secretary General is back to the country.

Welcomed as specialised professional in delivering capacity building activities for Local Authorities on participative democracy, Ms. Antonella Valmorbida – ALDA Secretary General – has been selected by SOFRECO, a worldwide leading company in consultancy with a mandate from the Algerian Ministry of Interiors, to deliver these technical trainings.

From 14 until 27 of May 2022, Ms. Valmorbida will be in charge of providing in-depth assistance, while illustrating the different tools that are necessary in terms of developing and spurring participative democracy at local level.

Starting from the head of Daïra, the administrative units in Algeria similar to what in English may be known as a “district”, ALDA Secretary General, together with Mohamed Sakri and Moufida Oueslati, will engage with more than 200 people, attending the trainings up until September 2022. The cities involved in this first round of activities are Constantine, Algiers and Djelfa; while representatives from Oran and Tlemcen will participate at the June session.

Back on the field to train Algerian administrative units on participatory democracy

From a broader perspective, participative democracy and good governance are among the priorities of the Association, together with citizens’ participation and sustainable development. Thus, already in 2017 and in 2019, Ms. Valmorbida was appointed to train more than 100 civil servants in Algeria, testifying the role of ALDA as a reliable and specialised partners not only in Europe but also in the Mediterranean area.

Being responsible for this year edition of capacity building activities, based on a mandate from the Algerian Ministry of Interiors, it is a further confirm not only that ALDA is a strategic player in the region, but also that changes and the path undertaken years ago is now become systematic, providing positive results.


Assemblea generale di ALDA 2002: Istituzioni, autorità locali, membri e delegati tutti uniti per la pace, la democrazia e la resilienza

Una soleggiata Strasburgo ha accolto i membri del Consiglio direttivo, i delegati delle Agenzie della Democrazia Locale (ADL), i membri e i colleghi di ALDA per l'evento più importante dell'anno, l'Assemblea generale di ALDA 2022, e gli eventi correlati.


Infatti, dal 5 al 7 maggio, la rete di ALDA si è riunita, per la prima assemblea in presenza dal 2019, per 3 giorni di conferenze, formazioni e tavole rotonde, culminate il 6 maggio 2022 con l'Assemblea generale di ALDA, intitolata "Sostenere la democrazia locale, sostenere la pace e la resilienza". 

Moreover, this 3-day occurrence took place within the framework of the Strasbourg Summit, underlying ALDA’s involvement and commitment in the Conference of the Future of Europe and its follow-ups.


No words can explain the thrilling and enthusiastic atmosphere of the moment, smiling faces and happy chats all over the hall of Region Grand-Est Headquarters, main venue of the Assembly. The conclusion of the Conference on the Future of Europe and the current war in Ukraine were not only at the centre of the Assembly, but also among colleagues, friends and delegates’ topics of discussion. 

Gathered all together in the Hemicycle room, Mr. Oriano Otočan, President of ALDA, posed a question to the whole audience: “who would have said that a city in Ukraine, where ALDA established the Local Democracy Agency, would become a symbol of resistance to terror?” Nobody could answer. Nobody has an answer to it. Nonetheless, President Otočan recalled that “the first Local democracy agencies were established in the former Yugoslavia following the war period as a support of the Council of Europe for the establishment of peace, tolerance, and the democratic development of the society at the local level”. There is, in other words, a peaceful answer to war times as demonstrated by the history of ALDA itself.

Come ha ricordato il Presidente Otočan, esiste una risposta pacifica ai tempi di guerra, come dimostra la storia stessa di ALDA, nel suo percorso verso la democrazia e la resilienza.

The necessity of peace, and support to civilians in Ukraine was expressed by  Mr. Christian Debève, Regional Councillor and President of the Cross-Border Outreach, Europe and International Relations Commission, Region Grand Est; while Gilles Pelayo, Head of Unit of the programme Europe for Citizens Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), stressed how “ALDA is a strategic partner in working with the civil society and for its participation” especially in these hard times.

Similarly, Ms. Martine Dieschburg-Nickels, Vice-President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, underlined how the commitment and work of the Congress and that of ALDA are both directed to provide solutions and answers to overcome this crucial period “characterised by multiple crises on the European continent and worldwide”. Among them the one of the environment is definitely a crucial one as well. Thus, Mr. Thibaut Guignard, Mayor of Ploeuc-l’Hermitage, President of Leader France, by mentioning the “Climate of Change” project as a positive initiative, further called for the necessity of coherent and united actions within this framework.

Ambiente, democrazia, diritti umani sono stati al centro delle iniziative che ALDA ha sviluppato all'interno della piattaforma della Conferenza sul futuro dell'Europa per animarla, coinvolgendo i giovani e le persone a partecipare a questo esercizio dal basso, inviando messaggi chiari alle istituzioni. Grazie a questo sforzo, così come al ruolo di ,. Antonella Valmorbida, nella Convenzione della società civile per la Conferenza sul futuro dell'Europa, ALDA nel corso del 2021 ha sempre lavorato per far sentire la voce delle persone, chiedendo un'Europa più vicina ai suoi cittadini.

Coherently with its mission in promoting democracy, and protecting human rights, while considering the deep and strong bond that ALDA has with its LDAs, and considering its commitment in providing assistance to Ukraine, Ms. Tetiana Lomakina, delegate from LDA Mariupol, has been appointed as Chair of the 2022 Assembly. This decision brought the audience to its feet, for a moment of profound emotion. Being closer to people, showing support to Ukraine can be understood and carried out in several ways. Appointing Ms. Lomakina as Chair definitely stressed the will of the Association to further work closely and hand in hand with colleagues from the LDAs and friends in Ukraine: together calling for a peace.

L'ascolto di discorsi stimolanti, l'apprendimento di esperienze e competenze di altre istituzioni e autorità locali hanno rappresentato un'occasione per il pubblico e gli ospiti di acquisire una conoscenza più ampia della realtà circostante e delle possibili e potenziali soluzioni.

Come già accennato, l'Assemblea Generale di ALDA, come di consueto, comprende una serie di eventi correlati, quest'anno incentrati sull'ambiente, nell'ambito del progetto Climate of Change, e sulla solidarietà con l'Ucraina, insieme ai partner del progetto EPIC, JEF Europe e nell'ambito del Summit di Strasburgo.



Eventi legati all'Assemblea Generale

Capitale europea della democrazia: Candidatevi e rendete la vostra città ambasciatrice della democrazia!

E se la democrazia avesse una casa? Un luogo visibile dove i cittadini si riuniscono per condividere esperienze, imparare e divertirsi all'insegna dei valori democratici, della libertà e della pace?

Questa è infatti la visione del nuovissimo progetto "Capitale Europea della democrazia" un'iniziativa che designerà ogni anno, a partire dal 2022, una città in Europa che rappresenti e rafforzi la democrazia.

Sostenendo pienamente questa iniziativa e certa del suo valore aggiunto nel favorire lo sviluppo democratico, promuovendo l'innovazione sociale e politica e lo scambio, ALDA è orgogliosa di annunciare che il suo Segretario Generale, Antonella Valmorbida, è stata nominata membro della Giuria di espertiSarà quindi tra i pochi esperti e professionisti che esamineranno tutte le candidature e selezioneranno le 5 città candidate che saranno poi votate dai cittadini europei.

Infatti, tutte le città (con una popolazione di oltre 100.000 abitanti) degli Stati membri del Consiglio d'Europa possono candidarsi per essere elette la prima Capitale Europea della Democrazia!
La città vincitrice ospiterà un programma della durata di un anno eventi, festival e attività entusiasmanti, volti a migliorare e rafforzare la democrazia, mettendo al centro la partecipazione dei cittadini..

Alla luce della sua missione e delle sue competenze, ALDA è orgogliosa di far parte della giuria di esperti che ha selezionato le 5 città candidate.


  • Alta visibilità come faro delle migliori pratiche democratiche europee
  • I cittadini svilupperanno attivamente nuove forme di politica democratica
  • Ispirare politici e innovatori da tutta Europa per innescare il cambiamento attraverso le nuove idee, attività e reti della città


  • Le città si candidano per il titolo, presentando un portfolio delle loro migliori pratiche democratiche e nuove idee progettuali
  • Una giuria di esperti valuta i progetti e decide una rosa di tre-cinque città
  • Una giuria di 10.000 cittadini europei vota per la città che diventerà Capitale Europea della Democrazia



Per ulteriori dettagli, consultare il documento di invito a presentare proposte per la Capitale europea della democrazia (ECoD) e le informazioni di supporto: