Welcoming our newest team members: EU ACT Project Volunteers

Jun 24, 2024

Youth empowerment & Education

ALDA is beyond excited to welcome the selected EU ACT volunteers, who will join ALDA for the following 11 months.  Meet Valeria P., Valeria M., Emma and Martina, joining in Brussels (Belgium); Simona, Elisabetta and Alice, working in Strasbourg (France); and Federico and Tea, volunteering at the ALDA Office in Skopje (North Macedonia). They will actively work on different projects and initiatives within different departments, among which the project implementation, the development, the communication and the secretariat one. 

The nine EU ACT volunteers attended a two-day long training on the different activities of ALDA, introduced by the ALDA staff in Cremona (Italy). Afterwards, volunteers took off to their respective new roles and destinations: they are now moving their first steps in the ALDA offices, supported and encouraged by the whole ALDA Staff who is looking forward to working with young, proactive and determined volunteers. 

On a general perspective, the EU ACT project, developed together with the Municipality of Cremona within the Italian “Universal Civil Service” Programme, aims at involving young people in mobility paths that favour their personal growth: on the one hand in view of their professional future, on the other in relation to their role of citizens of local communities and of a wider European community. Hence, the volunteers will follow the general target of the project by implementing ALDA’s daily tasks and while being part of ALDA’s big community.