A deep engagement for the advancement of democratic processes all around the World

As an international association and an experienced practitioner, ALDA is deeply engaged in advocacy processes, in cooperation with its members, partners and the whole ALDA network, on anumber of crucial issues for the advancement of democratic processes all around the World, such as citizens participation, social inclusion, integration, sustainability, environment, Agenda 2030,SDGs’ localisation… Making citizens’ voice heard in Europe and all over the globe, sharing best practices and shapingthe future with a button-up approach: this and much more is what ALDA is standing for.


In response to specific issues happening all around the World, ALDA is close and support citizens also at a policy level by formulating statements and position papers to make its voice heard and influence key stakeholder.

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ALDA’s resources collect a wide collection of publications, be they ALDA original, project-based, drafted by partners or members, concerning central themes for ALDA, from social inclusion, to environment protection, good governance and so on.

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Coming from more than 54 countries, the broad network of ALDA members is among our key features, being ALDA a unique association bringing together local and regional authorities, associations of local authorities, civil society organisations and learnings institutions.

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The large number of projects and activities in progress, brings ALDA in cooperating with a myriad of partners from all over the World, involving them in advocacy processes thus assuring a bigger impact for the successful outcome of our actions.

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Best practices

The projects ongoing and the over 425 implemented in its first 20 years of history has brought ALDA in collecting a wide and precious number of good practices to be replicated at the local level to solve problems and improve citizens’ quality of life. A real archive full of precious knowledge!

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