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ALDA has been working in Europe since more than 20 years now, and we have been participating actively in supporting and shaping an inclusive and participatory society for European citizens.

Europe, together with European institutions and the Council of Europe, has regularly updated its operational and strategic views adapting them to the key topics and challenges to be faced during the years, from the economic crisis to the management of the migration flow, from the raising of populism and Euroscepticism to the gender equality issue, till the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the green and digital transformation.


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ALDA has consequently adapted its strategies pushing forward for raising the awareness of the European citizens on all the above-mentioned topics and much more and also engaging itself for being a valuable bridge between citizens, local communities, local authorities and the organised civil society towards the European Institutions and the international community. We are committed to engage citizens in all aspects of the life of their communities and making their voices heard through peaceful and legal forms of participation.

Democracy and citizens’ participation remain at the core of ALDA’s values and actions.


Within the framework of supporting the European projects and policies, through a bottom up approach, ALDA has always contributing to a series of important objectives strongly in line with the priorities and objectives of the relevant European Programmes, as it was in the past years for the Europe for Citizens programme. Up to today and for the years ahead, ALDA’s main objectives are:

  • to promote citizens’ understanding of the Union, its history and diversity
  • to foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation in Europe
  • to raise awareness of remembrance, common history and values and the Union’s aim that is to promote peace, its values and the well-being of its peoples
  • to put into action project and processes that are environmentally sustainable and that raise awareness on green sustainability and are in line with the implementation of the European green deal
  • to support the digital transition assuring a fair and inclusive approach and developing tools and methodologies able to assure a democratic and participatory use of the digital means
  • to support economic local development all over Europe, towards a construction and establishment of inclusive and people-oriented economy
  • to be a reliable actor also towards the neighborhood countries and all over the world in supporting European core values of inclusiveness, rule of law and democracy, and supporting fruitful cooperation among European and extra-European communities

Alongside all the above-mentioned objective, ALDA is also committed to support local communities, involving both local authorities and the organized civil society, towards the implementation of the recovery plan.

Policy areas of action

ALDA is active at European level to bring in the expertise of the network and its members in several policy areas:

1. Participatory Democracy

  • Boosting citizens’ participation at the local and European level, especially with regard to youth, elderly, women, people with disabilities, less advantage people and minorities
  • Mobilising citizens to respond locally to global issues.
  • Promoting art and culture as forms of participation and active citizenship
  • Promoting sports as a tool for social cohesion, tolerance, integration and inclusion
  • Promoting non formal education approaches to life long learning and encouraging youngsters and adults’ mobility and exchange of experience
  • Countering disinformation and Protecting free and fair elections, media freedom and pluralism

2. Good local governance

  • Promoting the exchange of good practices related to local governance;
  • Promoting the multi-stakeholder approach as evidence-base successful process for community development;
  • Creating and strengthening town networks in order to develop cooperation between municipalites;
  • Developing local authorities’ and citizens’ capacities.
  • Involving local communities in having their say towards the recovery plan
  • Supporting the local development of inclusive, sustainable and resilient local communities

3. Environment and Climate change

  • raising awareness of citizens on environmental issues
  • supporting sustainable and green economy
  • laying on sustainable and green actions towards the implementation of our projects and actions
  • supporting and implementing projects and international cooperation on sustainable mobility and clean energy
  • supporting our network and affiliated communities in the climate change and green deal adaptation

4. Migration

  • Promoting tolerance, integration and dialogue between migrants and host communities;
  • Providing migrants with opportunities, tools and useful competences to help them integrate in a new social and economic context;
  • Promoting migrants’ participation in public life
  • Supporting projects and policies that put humans life and human rights defense at the core
  • Supporting exchanges and cooperation with the neighborhood countries and the pre-accession countries
  • Supporting story telling activities and positive narration boosting for inclusive communities
  • Supporting processes and activities the valorize the added value of migrants inclusion

5. Digital participation

  • Supporting the digital adaptation process all across Europe, especially towards its positive impact in reducing pollution and waste
  • Developing and supporting sharing of best practices assuring a democratic and inclusive of digital means of participation
  • Assuring transparent processes and informed participation for and towards citizens
  • Assessing the added values of an inclusive and democratic digital participation of citizens

6. Economy and Social inclusion

  • Promoting social cohesion, equality and equal opportunities;
  • Tackling economic and social barriers to civic participation;
  • Stimulating the spirit of innovation, the creativity, the mobility and the business-entrepreneurial attitude of unemployed people;
  • Equipping unemployed people with information, resources, advice and networks to promote entrepreneurship and access to the job market;
  • Promoting fair and inclusive economic activities that reduce inequalities such as social and solidarity economy.
  • Tackling inequality, poverty and social exclusion;
  • Building the capacities of excluded sectors of the community to make their voice heard and fully participate in the democratic life;
  • Empowering cooperation between CSOs and profit entities

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Regional strategies

During its first 20 years, ALDA has developed and refined specific and targeted strategies to achieve its mission in the different regions of the World.
Indeed, it is fundamental to be aware that each area has its own set of peculiar characteristics, being the result of historical, economic and social processes, thus requiring a certain approach.
Read our regional strategies and find out the main objectives and areas of actions we’ve targeted to support local engagement and participative democracy all over the World!