20 years after in commemoration of the victims of Srebrenica genocide

“Two decades ago, Srebrenica, a small local community in Bosnia and Herzegovina saw the biggest massacre and ethnic cleansing that occurred in Europe after the Second World War. Horrendous crimes, atrocities and mass violations of international humanitarian law were committed during the breakup of former Yugoslavia with the victims and their relatives who are still haunted by this act of genocide, as well as by the slow pace of reconciliation and truth-seeking.

Today, while commemorating the victims of Srebrenica and of all the atrocities committed during the wars in for6mer Yugoslavia we strongly believe that history must not repeat and that the Balkan leaders will sincerely turn to dialogue and peace building. Not only because of the EU integration perspective, but more than ever because of the vision of a better present and future for all the citizens of the Balkan countries. Safeguarding durable peace without ethnic hatred, religious and other divisions is an urgent must for the governments who without any further delays or excuses need to invest in education and democratic institution building so as to enable inclusive and tolerant societies capable of drawing lessons from the past.” […]