ALDA celebrates Europe Day, and keeps working hard towards the European elections

Statement by ALDA President, Oriano Otočan

“Like every year, 9 May is definitely a day worth celebrating. Despite all criticism and Euroscepticism, the successes of the European Union for its citizens are blatant – last but not least in my country, Croatia, which joined the Union in July 2013.

2013 was the European Year dedicated to citizens, and ALDA was extremely active with projects and activities promoting awareness of the EU citizenship, as well as citizens’ participation. By sitting in the Steering Committee of the European Year of Citizens Alliance (EYCA), we were deeply involved in drafting the recommendations to EU institutions to improve democratic European citizenship.

In 2014, we are striving to implement those recommendations, and to bridge 2013 to 2015, the European Year of Development, in the belief that no sustainable development can be achieved without citizens’ participation at all levels.” […]