Capitalisation of activities in North Macedonia and Normandy

Entitled “Capitalisation of the activities in North Macedonia and Normandy in the framework of the Normandy for Peace Programme”, the publication aims to highlight the richness of the activities carried out in both territories in the sense of sustainable development and deepening of the cooperation between Normandy and North Macedonia.

“Europe is home to the remains of the First and Second World Wars, two of the most terrible conflicts in modern times. These marks of a dark past are found throughout the continent and beyond, they are a constant reminder of the atrocities of war and human violence. Throughout the construction of new regional collaboration, European countries were able to address the events of the past and commit themselves to promoting common peaceful values in order to prevent future violence.

By focusing on regional reconciliation, the countries of Western Europe have joined their capacities, despite their divisions, to ensure sustainable development and stability. In 2012, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the European Union, pointing out the importance of regional collaboration for the facilitation of lasting peace and fighting the tensions brought by the rise of nationalism.

New European collaboration was possible thanks to good neighbourly relations, after the various European countries focused on their duty of remembrance. It is important to remember that the history shared between different people must be processed in an inclusive manner through the establishment of dialogue between communities. The traumatic events of the violent conflicts of history have often been manipulated to incite nationalism and exacerbate divisions.” […]