ELoGE in Croatia, North Macedonia and Kosovo*

ELoGE programme – European Label of Governance Excellence, is a programme created by the Council of Europe as a toolkit to measure good governance and democracy, in which municipalities are evaluated on their level of local governance according to the 12 principles of Good Democratic Governance set by the Council of Europe.

ELoGE relies on a partnership between the Council of Europe and an existing reputable regional, national or transnational entity or an ad hoc platform with a substantive know-how, expertise or experience in the field of good governance, especially at the local level.

ALDA, having democracy and good governance at the core of its mission, has been accredited to implement the programme in various municipalities in Croatia, Kosovo* and North Macedonia and has successfully supported them by providing guidance, advice and training.

The purpose of this publication is to inform readers about ALDA’s methodology and results obtained under the ELoGE programme in the above-mentioned countries, and give a good understanding of the inner functioning and steps of the programme.