Italian Presidency of the EU, still some months to go and to act

Statement by ALDA Secretary General, Antonella Valmorbida

“The Italian Presidency of the EU has been, as expected, mostly devoted to putting back on the track the institutions. The elections of the European Parliament, the new Commission and the launch of the programming period (with consequent delays of programmes and stand by situations) created a vacuum of power and representativeness. Let’s admit that one could have hardly chosen a worse timing for Europe to be voiceless. Despite the usual pro-European attitude of the Italian positions, the Presidency did not manage to have, so far, any influence on the important emergency decisions that would have been needed for a long lasting effect on our present situation: programmes for employment and economy, immigration, the crisis in Ukraine. We can only be sorry for that. Certainly, Italy could have done more in its Presidency to steer the integration process of the EU and a single voice to address common problems. But, as said, the calendar of the institutions decided in another way.

But still, looking at the glass rather full than empty, there are still some four autumn months to go. The Parliament is working and the Commission – even if not still in place, expected to be operational on 1st November and after the final audition at the Parliament – is now more or less decided. We see the programmes starting. In short, the machinery is starting and moving. Therefore, there are now little excuses to be passive and not use all the possible efforts to raise and address problems and try to solve them.” […]